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Official History as being "falsified"
History has been deliberately falsified to show the contrary. [...] Only by reexamining these events is it possible to shake off the hypnotic effect of systematically falsified history. [...] Bremer openly raised the accusation of falsification of ancient documents against the Jesuit general and the pope.Historiography begins with informed distrust of literary source-documents from the periods studied. [...] Surviving documents, even were they accounts of significant occurrences, could not reflect reality as the disciplined historian properly requires. They reflect, overall, principally a mixture of willful falsifications and adaptations to the mythologies of their place and time. (1)


1. THE SECRETS KNOWN ONLY TO THE INNER ELITES, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., in The CAMPAIGNER, Vol. 11, n3-4, May-June 1978.

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