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"The modern science of economics is yet another example of subverting the recognition of inner law by introducing arbitrary speculation. The European researcher, as soon as he tries to utilise a discovery in a practical way, nevertheless always aims at a genuine achievement which he wishes to see incorporated into the system of cause and effect, motive and result, as something produced and created. He sees work, inventions and possessions as socially formative forces within a racial, national or political community. Even Americans like Edison and Ford have endorsed this spiritual attitude. Even the stock market was originally intended only as a device to make smooth the transition from creation to consequence, and between invention, product and sale. It was an expedient just like money itself. ""The yardstick we apply to the study of such discoveries and their impact is the standard of technological progress, by which we signify increase in the qualitative powers of physical productivity of labor per capita, per household, and per square kilometer of usable land-area." (1)


1. The Coming Disintegration of Financial Marketsby Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., June 1994

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