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"If the gods of the Greeks were heroes of light and heaven, the gods of the Levant were of the earth. Demeter, Hermes and others are essential creations of the alien racial soul. [...] Apollo is the god of the lyre and song: Dionysos (at least in his non Aryan aspect) is the god of ecstasy and frenzied lust."Python-Dionysus was equivalent to the Indian sub-continent's Shiva, the Semitic Satan, and the Hellenistic Osiris; this Dionysus was the Satan worshipped by that forerunner of New Ager Adolf Hitler, self-avowed anti-Christ, Friedrich Nietzsche. (1)


1. Mozart's 1782-1786 Revolution in Music (footnote) by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., from FIDELIO Magazine, Vol . I No.4 , Winter 1992

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