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Schiller attempted to interpret the duality of art creation (restricted solely to poetry) as naive and sentimental. As a result, he strayed down many a blind alley and was compelled to describe both Homeros as well as Shakespeare as naοve poets. His acute understanding, however, saved him from a complete impasse. Even if he held firm to the rigid dogma of aesthetic contemplation in each of his essays, there is nevertheless rooted there a quantity of sharp observations which reveal our essential Nordic nature. Every German ought to be familiar with his Aesthetic letters, Concerning the naive and sentimental art of poetry, Concerning charm and dignity, Concerning the pathetic, Thoughts on the use of the common and the base in art, and so on.Schiller, the most beloved poet and dramatist of Germany into the middle of the nineteenth century, was also the greatest historian of the nineteenth century, and the leader of the Weimar Classic circles which shaped the young Wilhelm von Humboldt's political world-outlook. It was in Schiller's Germany that republicanism was to flourish briefly after its destruction in France, and German and American republicanism which led as influences in keeping civilization moving forward during the imperiled decades of the early nineteenth century. (1)
.The classic analysis of this characteristic of the Thirty Years War is that elaborated by historian-dramatist Friedrich Schiller in preparing his Wallenstein drama. Schiller' s analysis of Irregular Warfare was brought into formal Prussian military doctrine by the colleagues of Gen. Gerhard Scharnhorst, in the planning of the 1812-13 campaign to topple Napoleon Bonaparte. (2)


Cover from LaRouche's Schiller Institute book (1984): "To Save the Western Alliance"1940 Nazi propaganda movie poster "The Triumph of a Genius", comparing Hitler to Schiller.

Parallels are striking...
The German poet Friedrich Schiller, after whom the LaRouche's Schiller Institute takes its name, is often presented within the LaRouche organization as the antidote to German fascism, to the point Larouchies are told the Nazis had forbidden him!
True, Schiller's humanism is hardly comparable to Nazism barbarism. BUT to insinuate that loving Schiller is a sign of "anti-Nazism" is plain propaganda, and outright "a la Goebbels" lie.

(Picture, left) Weekly 1938 NSDAP (Nazi) slogan. Poster Text: RASTLOS VORWARTS / MUSST DU STREBEN, / NIE ERMUDET STILLE STEHN, / WILLST DU DIE VOLLENI DUNG SEHN; MUSST INS / BREITE DICH ENTFALTEN / SOLL SICH DIR DIE WELT / GESTALTEN; IN DIE TIEFE / MUSST DU STEIGEN, SOLL / SICH DIR DAS WESEN ZEIGEN / FRIEDRICH VON SCHILLER [You must strive relentlessly forward, never stand still, exhausted, if you wish to see your task completed; you must grow steadily in order to shape the world; you must descend into the depths if the essence of reality is to show itself in you. Friedrich von Schiller]. Source:

The facts are:

  • In his 1932 book "Schiller als Kampfgenosse Hitlers" (Schiller Fighting At Hitler’s Side), Hans Fabricius had already turned Schiller into a standard-bearer of National Socialism (re-published in 1934).
  • On 21 June 1934, thousands of Hitler Youth marched through Marbach. For his 175th birthday on November 10, the radio broadcasted numerous lectures and concerts. His plays The Robbers and Wallenstein were performed in Berlin at the renovated Grosses Schauspielhaus under its new director Reinhardt (appointed by Nazi Minister of Culture and Propaganda Joseph Goebbels).
  • In 1940, a Nazi propaganda movie (see poster on top of this page: Der Triumph eines Genies ) tried to compare Hitler to... Schiller!
  • Between 1933 and 1945, the German Reich saw 10,600 productions of Schiller’s plays! (Source: Say it loud – it's Schiller and it's proud .
  • The Nazis even had coins with Schiller's face:
  • ... and stamps!

First Day of Issue / Erstausgabetag: 5. November 1934 - Michel-Katalog-Nr: 555 (Deutsches Reich)

So, and contrary to what LaRouche's propaganda says, Schiller was celebrated in Hitler's Germany, not because of his ideas but because he was German!



1. Europe in a New Dark Age; Preface to "The Final defeat of Ayatollah Khomeini", 1982, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., written in Sept. 1981.
2. BEHIND THE MASK OF SO-CALLED 'COMMUNISM' by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. ; EIR, Sept. 30, 1988

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