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Roy Frankhouser (1939 2009) Code name: "Frack"

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Roy Frankhouser aka "Frack"

LaRouche met Roy Frankhouser in the mid-1970s, LaRouche said in a deposition.
Frankhouser, then a top official of Pennsylvania's Ku Klux Klan(*), pleaded guilty in 1975 to dealing in stolen dynamite. He had also been an informant for several federal and local law enforcement agencies, according to published accounts. Frankhouser has sent the LaRouche group "intelligence" about a range of subjects, former members said.

LaRouche said in a deposition that his organization has paid Frankhouser for various services. LaRouche said Frankhouser is "a good man on security" who works to spot "nasties" who pose threats. According to a July 9 LaRouche deposition, Frankhouser had been working for the organization as recently as one week earlier. (from "Ideological Odyssey: From Old Left to Far Right" By John Mintz, Washington Post Staff Writer, January 14, 1985)

In 1987, Frankhauser was convicted after a jury trial of one count of conspiracy to commit the offense of obstruction of justice, 18 U.S.C. 1503, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 371. In the trial of the case now before us, the government was permitted to introduce the following from the 1987 trial: (1) the indictment; (2) testimony of FBI Special Agent Egan, the case agent and a witness in the prior trial; (3) a re-enacted portion of the transcript testimony of Forrest Fick, a government witness in the prior trial who was unavailable to testify in the present trial; (4) a report authored by Frankhauser; (5) the jury instructions; and (6) a certified copy of the judgment of conviction.

Roy E. Frankhouser Jr. outside his Mountain Church of Jesus Christ in the 100 block of South Fourth Street in December 1998.

The relevant facts underlying the 1987 case were as follows. Frankhauser, who worked as a security consultant to the 1984 Lyndon LaRouche presidential campaign and related organizations, learned that a grand jury was investigating the organizations and several of their members for defrauding credit card holders by making unauthorized charges to their accounts, and that subpoenas had been served on depository banks for processed credit card slips. Frankhauser then suggested that the organization destroy records to avoid their being subpoenaed. A few months later, subpoenas were served on the LaRouche organizations, and the LaRouchites destroyed records a few days later. As part of a 39-page jury instruction, the district court in Frankhauser's 1987 trial instructed the jury that the following, among other things, constituted obstruction of justice:
(3) destroying documents for which a grand jury has not yet issued a subpoena but as to which the person or persons involved in the destruction know that a subpoena is likely;
(6) counseling, encouraging or suggesting the destruction or burning of documents or records . . . which the person acting knows are likely to be subpoenaed.

Frankhauser was found guilty and sentenced to three years' imprisonment.
He died in 2009. More here.

(*) Typically, the Larouchies will attack their "enemies"... for being "KKK" like Washington Post's Katie Graham at

CHAPTER 15 "Black September" and the Frankhouser File
APPENDIX THREE Roy Frankhouser: The FBI File
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