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Jewish ConspiraciesThe Myth of "Synarchy"


Cover from a German LaRouche organization pamphlet (Bueso - Berlin) showing the pictures of Jewish bankers Felix Rohatyn (top) and ambassador John Kornblum (bottom middle), head of Lazard Bank in Bonn, Germany, accused of destroying the German industry. (more here)
Helga Zepp-LaRouche, head of the German organization called these financiers: "locusts"...

From COMPILATION : Lyndon LaRouche. Anti-Semitism. at


LaRouche most recent campaign is against the evil “Synarchy”… whose center is (Jewish) banker Felix Rohatyn and whose aims are to destroy the US or German industries.

LaRouche said:

“… Felix Rohatyn is essentially a Nazi. That's no exaggeration, that's no mistake, no caricature. That's what he is. Felix Rohatyn is a protégé of a fellow called André Meyer. André Meyer was a kingpin of an organization known as Lazard Frères, in Paris. Lazard Frères was an integral part of the Nazi takeover of Continental Europe! And Meyer personally trained Felix Rohatyn. Now Felix is not bright. As a matter of act, he's very uncouth, very stupid in many ways. He's not an intellectual, he's a thug! He's like a mafia hit-man who is not known for his intellectual characteristics. He's a thug, equivalent to a murderer.
Now, what Meyer represented, and what Lazard Frères represented, then, and now: Lazard Frères was the key Continental center in banking which brought Adolf Hitler to power, and launched World War II, and the crimes that went with it.” (1)

(In bold are all names of Jewish bankers.)

For a more serious research on "who financed Hitler"; read WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER by Antony C. Sutton.
Unsurprisingly, the names of "Rohatyn", "André Meyer" or "Lazard Frères" NEVER appear...

The reality is that Felix Rohatyn and André Meyer fled France following the Nazi occupation in 1942 to work at Lazard Frères' New York City office in America.

The “Synarchy” plot was a conspiracy theory under the pro-Nazi French Vichy regime. The center of this “conspiracy” was the Banque Worms- a Jewish bank.
A French historian Olivier Dard wrote a relatively recent book “La Synarchie ou Le Mythe du complot permanent” (“The Synarchy or the Myth of the never-ending plot”) where he studied thousands of pages of archives and has exposed quite conclusively that this was just another “conspiracy theory”, a rumor which reached the Abwehr, the secret services of Vichy and even the US ambassador in Paris at the time. This rumour was that the Petain government of Vichy was under control of a mysterious group called the “Synarchy” and whose center was… the Jewish bank Worms! (different Vichy factions accusing each other of being “synarchist”, ie under “Jewish” influence) Other rumours said that it infiltrated everything up to the French resistance... This rumor didn’t die out after the war and some people believe that it is reincarnated in the “Trilateral Commission” or the “Bilderberg Group” etc…
This is exactly the “conspiracy theory” that LaRouche is spreading in his recent campaigns…

Some "Synarchists":

Note: they happen all to be Jews....

LEO STRAUSS (Straussian neo-conservative network inside the Bush Administration)
Felix Rohatyn
George Soros

1. LAROUCHE JUNE 9 WEBCAST: "Felix Rohatyn and the Nazis” (June 2006)

"The Vichy regime legislated against Freemasonry, and co-operated with

the Germans in identifying and acting against Masons. But, even within the regime itself, people were very doubtful that Freemasonry had genuinely been banished. In the so-called 'Chavin Report', which seems to have originated from within or near government circles, allegations were made that large number of people in responsible positions belonged to Masonic political groups called 'synarchist' which had been in existence since the 1920s. These synarchists were supposed to have been inspired in part by the doctrine of Saint-Yves d'Alveydre. They were represented as a group of influential politicians, businessmen, and so-called 'technocrats' who had been plotting to seize power ever since a reputed 'Synarchist Revolutionary Pact' of 1922."

- Peter Partner, The Murdered Magicians

"The Legend of the Vichy Synarchy" by Richard F. Kuisel; French Historical Studies, Vol. 6, No. 3 (Spring, 1970), pp. 365-398 (article consists of 34 pages); Published by: Duke University Press

 This twenty-two page anonymous document became known as the "Chavin report." A "Confidential Report 


For a history of Worms et Cie. see the long series of articles written between 1948 and 1950 by Roger Mennevee and published in his journal Les Documents

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