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George Soros

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"The heart of this Club of the Isles is the financial center of the old British Empire, the City of London. Soros is one of what in medieval days were called Hofjuden, the "Court Jews," who were deployed by the aristocratic families.
The most important of such "Jews who are not Jews," are the Rothschilds, who launched Soros's career. They are members of the Club of the Isles and retainers of the British royal family. This has been true since Amschel Rothschild sold the British Hessian troops to fight against George Washington during the American Revolution.
Soros is American only in his passport. He is a global financial operator, who happens to be in New York, simply because "that's where the money is..." "(8)

LaRouche: "Soros is a pestilence"

"Well, this Soros, of course, is a pestilence, is very dangerous. He's a British-controlled entity, who is used by them, largely against the United States. He's on the non-wanted list, because of his association with promoting drug trafficking, by our drug czar's office, among others. He's closely tied to all kinds of filthy things around the world, and he is a marker of the kind of hedge fund insanity, which has triggered the Asia crisis. (1)

LaRouche depicts him as "A LICE"

From LPACTV: Alice in Wonderland Teaser Trailer

Here is a Nazi antisemitic poster published in Poland in March 1941. The caption reads, "Jews are lice; They cause typhus.":

LaRouche: He is a Nazi Collaborator (9)

"George Soros was a witting participant in the Holocaust, as a Nazi collaborator in his native Hungary."

LaRouche: He is a Drug dealer (5)

LaRouche: He is a fascist "synarchist"

"George Soros is not a Democrat. He is, like Shultz, a high-level operative of the "Synarchists," the international fascist movement created in the 1780s in reaction against the American Revolution, to impose "beast-man" dictators from Napoleon Bonaparte, to Adolf Hitler." (8)


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