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The "Inner Elites"

LaRouche:"Not to be a Neoplatonic humanist today is to be morally not a member of the human species." (2)

From the very onset of the LaRouche Organization members considered themselves as far superior than anybody else. In the early 1970s, they called themselves "World Historical Leaders". LaRouche explained:

"From the outside, it must appear to be a wild exaggeration to report that an individual who has mastered a course in Marx's method and economic theories has become a superior person in every essential respect. He has not only learned more than he would have from most courses of the same duration, but both his intelligence and moral qualities have been substantially improved. The claim does not appear to be entirely exaggerated to the observer who has attempted to account for the powerful influence and other accomplishments of our relative handful of members during 1974. [...] They are not perfect geniuses, but merely superior in their intellectual and moral development to any comparable selection of individuals from outside the organization." (4)

It is important here to understand that LaRouche and his adepts consider themselves not only as "saviours" of Mankind but more importantly as a "superior elite", the real Humans...
This is therefore from that point of view one has to understand who LaRouche considers as "human", and consequently why he would call "animal", "subspecies", "subhuman" or "beast" those who do not fit to "his" definition of who is human (see Der Untermensch ("The subhuman") Infamous Nazi Propaganda Pamphlet).

Here is a recent quote, he said:

"It is the transmission and enrichment of such knowledge of principle, as culture, which sets the human species absolutely apart from, and above the mere beasts.
It is the power of discovery and communication of such principles (universal physical principles, note ed.), a power unique to the human individual, which defines the nature of mankind. This power is identified as cognition, or reason, as distinct from, and in contrast to mere deductive logic. Contrary to those superstitious believers in mere shadows, known as the reductionists, those unseen, but conclusively demonstrated cognitive powers, are the efficient substance of the quality of spirituality which sets the person apart from, and above the beasts.
Such is the nature of man, and such must be the ordering of social relations among all persons."


"The difference between human and animal species on this account is those creative-mental potentials we associate with the generation and mediation of revolutionary advances in technology. It is these qualities which make us human, as distinct from those inferior aspects of our nature [individual irrationalist hedonism, for example] which we share in common with the beasts." (5)

"Absolutely apart from, and above the mere beasts..."

So, for LaRouche; a "human" (and what sets him "apart from and above") is somebody who uses "reason" as he has defined it, that is the "reason" which enables that "human" to transmit "universal physical principles"...
Consequently, all the others are not considered by LaRouche as "human"!
These few "real humans" are those who are descendants of a secret elite he would trace back to... Plato and his supposed "opponent/enemy" (and therefore "beast-like"); Aristotle!

This logic has justified LaRouche's hate-propaganda of "name-calling", comparing all sorts of "enemies" to... animals and doing so "de-humanizing" people, a method used by the Nazis (with the known consequences).
In his political program, LaRouche has made clear that "beast-like" people (with "irrationalist hedonism") won't be considered as citizen in his "Republic"!

But this notion of "superior elite" is not new in LaRouche political history.
Before being "Neoplatonic humanists", the "marxist" larouchies called themselves "world historic leaders" or "professional revolutionary-socialist cadres":

"The National Caucus of Labor Committees is an organization of professional revolutionary-socialist cadres, an organization based on certain unalterable founding principles and dedicated to the establishment of the political (working) class for itself as the sole world economic and political government of man's actual and potential productive forces." (8)

MOREOVER, such members' genius is superior than Einstein's!:

"...he (the "larouchie", note ed.) has mastered the most advanced and profound conceptions of which modern man is known to be capable, the kind of scientific conceptions for which Albert Einstein was still searching in physics during the last years of his life." (4)

When LaRouche published in 1978 this "founding" document "THE SECRETS KNOWN ONLY TO THE INNER ELITES", he re-wrote History according to a "secret" conspiracy only "elites" (like himself or his larouchies) know. This revised "History" is based on a supposed irreconcilable battle between the partisans of Plato v. those of Aristotle's, the partisans of Mankind (and civilization) v. the enemies of Mankind (and civilization)...

This post-1978 ideological re-orientation was necessary because of LaRouche's move towards extreme-right, his neo-Nazis and KKK friends.
Indeed, before 1978 LaRouche (aka Marcus) accused the "neo-Platonists" of... "linear thinking"!:

"The neo-Platonists locate the primary, continuous principle of reality as self-movement-self-moving continuous substance; however, they are unable to represent this substance in any form but linear extension" (6)

So after 1977-78, the "ultimate battle to save Civilization" was not Communism/Socialism v. Capitalism/Fascism anymore but the stage was set at a "higher level"; that of some (fraudulent) philosophical ideas.
At the Pantheon of "good philosophers", Plato and Leibniz were to replace Hegel and Marx (from the pre-1978 period). Aristotle was to replace Kant and Nietzche (although these two were still useful to refer to as "evil philosophers").

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Other readings:
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Psychologist Alfred Adler on "Feelings of Inferiority and Superiority"
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