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"Orwellian" LaRouche?
Orwell is reported to have said that the book described what he viewed as the situation in the United Kingdom in 1948, when the British economy was poor, the British Empire was dissolving at the same time as newspapers were reporting its triumphs.. From ackground information for George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

LaRouche: "If you look at these Brits. They are fat, sloppy and dumb. Their dietary habits stink, their conditions of life stink. Their opinions stink. In general. There are a few exceptions here and there... As they say, you know we are in this boat and some of these passengers aren’t exactly nice. But the Brits are an imperial system. They are a parasitic nation essentially. They suck the blood of the rest of the world. Dracula had nothing. Dracula was a story written by a Brit, remember. (laughters from audience) That's not coincidental. So, they don't have a moral sense. The Brits don't. Well all they are is a simple attachment to the international Venetian monetary system." (From LPACTV: "Credit vs Monetary Systems", Apr. 28, 2009 - Washington DC.)

In the mid-1970s, from his "Beyond Psychoanalysis" to the “Tavistock” analysis series published in his Campaigner magazine, LaRouche started redirecting his political obsession away from the "evil" American Rockefellers and against the British.
The LaRouche stance on the "British" is that the American "War of Independance" against the British Empire is NOT over and therefore the British Empire STILL exists.

He said:

"The leading power on this planet today is the British Empire. And the British Empire exists. People who do not know that the British Empire exists, should go back to school, or maybe it's a waste of time to send them back to school, because all the evidence is clear: The most powerful force on this planet, politically, and financially, is the British Empire. [...] The Westminster model was a farce; it was made for sheep. It should be called a sheep-herders' Parliament. These are the guys who go out and herd the sheep. This is not a government. The Parliament does not decide anything, unless the British Crown allows it to decide something. [...]
The real government of Britain, and of the British Commonwealth, lies in an organization called the British Privy Council."
From "The Comet of Doom" by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., conference of the Schiller Institute, in Bad Schwalbach, Germany, Dec. 14, 1997.

The "British", according to LaRouche are trying to destroy the U.S. from within via its agents: the “Jewish/Zionist lobby”. Typically, Henry Kissinger or Felix Rohatyn would represent the archetypes of the “treacherous Jew,” the Jew as an alien (Kissinger or Rohatyn are not American).
By the end of 1978 he published the “Dope Inc aka Britain’s Opium War against the U.S.” book which attacks the Queen of England for pushing drugs along with her allies, the “Jewish/Zionist lobby” in the United States.

LaRouche wrote:

"It is no exaggeration to sum up the situation thus: the only proper comparison for today's British drug traffic into the USA is the British monarchy's 19th century Opium Wars against China. There is more than a parallel. The same HongShang and other banking interests that developed their wealth in the China opium trade are involved in the financial side of the traffic against the USA -- aided by those leading elements of the Zionist Lobby which have controlled organized crime in the USA and the Caribbean since the early 1920s.
This is a calculated form of political warfare against the USA by the British monarchy. […] The fight against illegal drugs and against the evil forces of "decriminalization" is nothing less than a war against Britain, to the purpose of saving our youth and our nation from the destruction the British monarchy has projected for us." (“Dope Inc”, 1978)

"They" also put Hitler into power!:

"The first, and most important fact to be recognized concerning the Hitler regime, is that Adolf Hitler was put into power in Germany on orders from London. The documentation of this matter is abundant and conclusive."
From "Humboldt Versus Hitler", Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., The Campaigner, August 1978

"No matter how much this report offends deeply entrenched delusions, Nazism was not a German creation. It was a creation of the same factional forces within the Allied Powers of Versailles who dictated the war-reparations stipulations, who directly placed top British agent and later Admiral Wilhelm Canaris in charge of the Marine Transport unit, and who later backed Hjalmar Schacht in forcing Germany to accept Hitler's appointment to the Chancellory."

"They" are worse than Hitler, "they" are Satan:

"Where's your fascism? You want to see facsism? Look at the British in India. That's fascism. It's a horror story. You want to see the Middle East under Sykes-Picot, still today? That's fascism! The British oligarchy and its American offshoot are fascist, and there's nothing that Hitler's done, which they didn't do—in a sense, by their standards—better! Right to the present day! That's the problem. But they're a slimy bunch. They're slippery. Their ideology is always the same.
Hitler was their tool, a tool with a German flavor because you had an oligarchic tendency—. Look at the British royal family. Look at the present British royal family, and look at the German oligarchical families which are tied to the British royal family, including Prince Philip himself. That's the problem. That's where the fascism lies. It always is fascism. It's always population control! It's always that. It's also always the destruction of scientific and technological progress, except as the British need it to combat their enemies.
But once they control a territory, their intention is to crush the cause of freedom. And Hitler was nothing but a product of this. He was not sui generis, he was not something they bought into. They created him! And he did nothing they didn't want him to do.
You have to understand the British oligarchy, and the system it represents, is the epitome of pure evil. If you want to have Satan, he's wearing the Union Jerk."
From LaRouche Webcast - January 30, 2010)

In 1980 he published “The New Dark Ages Conspiracy” book, aka Britain’s plot to destroy civilization, written by LaRouche’s ex-wife Carol White (and new wife of Chris, one of the “deprogrammed” members in the early 70s, see above)…

Those two books altogether defined the LaRouche views on how Britain is destroying America from within: via Drugs/Sex/Counterculture and Cults, re-connecting this "British conspiracy" with LaRouche's mid-70s "Tavistock" conspiracy theories...

(Picture above: New Solidarity, Dec. 8, 1978)

LaRouche hates what he calls "the British" and especially the British Aristocracy which he calls a "pack of animals".

He wrote:

"It is not actually libelous to describe the British aristocracy as a "pack of animals." [...] "Pack of animals" is not merely a permissible characterization of the British aristocracy. Without that image of reference, it is virtually impossible to comprehend the world-outlook, the policies and the way of life of the Anglican aristocracy, and that of its "black nobility" allies throughout the Mediterranean-centered region. [...] Inevitably so: we are human and they (the Anglicans, note ed.) are a different, alien species. "
From "That Zoo Called The House of Lords'" by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., in NEW SOLIDARITY, December 29, 1978

The ruling British elite are like animals--not only in their morality, but in their outlook on knowledge. They are clever animals, who are masters of the wicked nature of their own species, and recognize ferally the distinctions of the hated human species. Nonetheless, obsessively dedicated to being such animals, they can not [sic] assimilate those qualities unique to true human beings.
From "Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites", The Campaigner (May-June 1978), p. 64.

He would go even further accusing the British Aristocracy for being "homosexual"!

"The British aristocracy is essentially homosexual. Jeremy Bentham's argument for the legalization of pederasty is avant-garde for its time only in respect of the fact of publishing such an argument in that form. Nowadays, the Anglican priesthood reports with pride the percentile of its ranks which has, in the jargon of these times, "come out of the closet." Take your sexual pleasures wherever convenience and impulse direct your actions at that moment, but save approximately one-hundreth of the sexual effort from your classmates, homosexual lover, or favorite beasts: to perform your conjugal duties of perpetuating the litters from which the oligarchical species culls its next generation of breeding stock."
From "That Zoo Called The House of Lords'" by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., in NEW SOLIDARITY, December 29, 1978

He will then start targeting Prince Philip:

"Prince Philip and the oligarchy he speaks for must be politically destroyed— if humanity is not to be plunged into a barbaric dark ages from which it may never emerge. (...) The Atlantean culture dated by Homer and other ancient sources to perhaps 10,000 B.C. disappeared, virtually without trace, after the seizure of power by families known to history only in the mythologized form, as the "Gods of Olympus." They were men like Prince Philip. (...)
But if great men have built civilization, men like Prince Philip have always come back to crush it down again. The humanists of the past have had flaws we must not repeat. They have defeated the oligarchy, but then failed to totally wipe oligarchism off the face of the Earth.
The flaw of the humanists of the past is that they were too nice! We cannot be pacifists in the war against the oligarchy. Athene, Goddess of Wisdom, was armed to the teeth. Humanists must be Warrior Angels.
Mankind does not have the possibility of surviving the present generation unless we develop the "killer instinct" required to politically preempt, defeat, and then utterly destroy the oligarchy Prince Philip represents."
From From "Destroy the Oligarchy", New Solidarity, Nov. 8, 1982

Left pic: Campaigner against the "British" using a photo of Churchill that was used by Nazi Anti-British propaganda. (Right pic)

"British Conspiracies"

HITLER: RUNAWAY BRITISH AGENT by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., in New Solidarity, 10 January 1978
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