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In LaRouche's conspiratorial world-view all his enemies are homosexuals. It transpired clearly during his anti AIDS homophobic campaign.

LaRouche : I am a "homophobe"

"I hold it to be true, that Creation has endowed our bodies with certain functions, including the body's orifices, each to be used in one way, and not contrary ways; AIDS demonstrates afresh, in the cases of the homosexuals and drug-users, and the sexually promiscuous, that if society promotes the violation of the principles of our bodies' design, that society shall suffer in some way or another for this obscenity. [...] I hold that homosexuality, prostitution, and drug-use have no natural rights under our Constitution; indeed, both were outlawed at the time of our republic's formation, such that no judge can rightly claim the intent of the Constitution to afford special rights to these practices. [...] For these views, I am called "an extremist," and also a "homophobe." By these views I stand, and you must judge me on this account as your conscience instructs you. " (7)

LaRouche : Homosexuality is evil

"The clinical essence of the homosexual pathology, is destructive rage, a Nietzschean, dionysiac quality of rage. In the pre-1970s psychiatric literature, this was frankly and extensively documented. The pleasure of the homosexual deed is the pleasure of doing evil, in that clinical sense. It is not the desire for the act in itself, but the pleasure of the destructive character of the act as an affirmation of the diabolical, which is controlling. This is a form of the mens rea; it is an evilly grimacing Eros with horns and hooves, an Osiris, a Siva, a Dionysos." (3)

LaRouche : Toleration of homosexuality is characteristic of satanism (aka Whore of Babylon):

"Toleration of lesbianism, pederasty, and other forms of so-called "homosexuality," is characteristic of those pagan cults which St. John associates with "The Whore of Babylon" (Siva, Ishtar, Athtar, Astarte, Isis, Cybele, Mithra, et al.). This series of cults is collectively, the forms of satanism. Witchcraft, for example, is a form of satanic Ishtar-worship, or a derivative, often associated with either prostitution or militant lesbianism." (1)

It is caused by "incestuous, over-domineering mothering:"

"I disassociate myself from a policy of persecuting the victims of a certain, dangerous variety of neurotic, over-domineering mothering. I mean those persons who have found themselves most unhappily conditioned by such rearing into what are termed today "homosexual impulses." A child of a household with a weak father, or of a broken home with no father present, is left almost defenseless against a certain type of domineering, neurotic-irrationalist, overtly sensually incestuous, mothering or surrogate mothering. Contrary to frauds more recently circulated within the psychiatric profession, the etiology of "homosexuality" is conclusively established." (2)

It is worse than being a Jew!

"According to a variety of very authoritative sources, Henry A. Kissinger is not a Jew, but a faggot. I will not tolerate any denial of civil rights to a person who happens to be homosexual. Ordinarily, a homosexual is like an ordinary person suffering the affliction of nasty boils; one recognizes the distinction between the person and the affliction.… Henry A. Kissinger is no ordinary, common, garden-variety of homosexual. His heathen sexual inclinations are merely an integral part of a larger evil.… Think of Nero, and then of Kissinger, and then of Nero, and then of Roy M. Cohn. That is the kind of faggot Henry Kissinger is. " (9)

... and of course it's all "British":

"The British aristocracy is essentially homosexual. Jeremy Bentham's argument for the legalization of pederasty is avant-garde for its time only in respect of the fact of publishing such an argument in that form. Nowadays, the Anglican priesthood reports with pride the percentile of its ranks which has, in the jargon of these times, "come out of the closet." Take your sexual pleasures wherever convenience and impulse direct your actions at that moment, but save approximately one-hundreth of the sexual effort from your classmates, homosexual lover, or favorite beasts: to perform your conjugal duties of perpetuating the litters from which the oligarchical species culls its next generation of breeding stock." (6)
"British empiricism was founded by a homosexual cult which is called the Court of King James I, whose big homosexual was Francis Bacon. Now the significance of the homosexuality, is that this was a Buggery cult, a bunch of Rosicrucians; a Rosicrucian cult, whose features were Aristotelianism as to method; cabbalism, another kind of Satanic belief, and thirdly, the spirit-from-matter separation, which has led to modern materialism. This was the Enlightenment." (5)

or KGB!

"The first is that aspect of intimacies with either animals or one's own sex, intimacies described, for what are, biologically curiously inappropriate reasons, as "sexual acts." Such intimacies fall within the provinces of statutes and morality. This is the aspect stressed by the current British press discussion, potential blackmail arising from the perpetration of such acts-presumably with one of the numerous, similarly disposed agents of the Soviet KGB." (3)

Violence against them is "perfectly moral":

"They’re already beating up gays with baseball bats around the country! Children are going to playgrounds, they go in with baseball bats, and they find one of these gays there, pederasts, trying to recruit children, and they take their baseball bats and they beat them up pretty bad. They’ll kill one sooner or later. In Chicago, they’re beating up gays that are hanging around certain schools, pederasts; children go out with baseball bats and beat them up—which is perfectly moral; they have the civil right to do that! It’s a matter of children’s civil rights!" (4)


"The point is fast approaching that, increasing portions of these populations will focus upon the fact, that a dead AIDs carrier ceases to be a carrier. (…) In that case, the lynch-mobs might be seen by later generations’ historians, as the only political force which acted to save the human species from extinction." (8)


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