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Jewish Star with Queen Elizabeth at top flanked by Kissinger, Milton Friedman (New Solidarity, Oct. 17, 1978). In the accompanying article LaRouche states that "the variety of 'Judaism' represented by Zionism's inner circles is summarily identified historically by drawing a circle through the points of the pentacle represented by the Star of David: 'black magic' and 'Satanism.'" Source: Courtesy from D King


Is LaRouche an anti semite?
When asked that question by journalist Andy Nolan, LaRouche replied: "It would be insane." And when asked the same question on the "Andy Thomas Show Talk Network", he said: "Well, there's no truth to it whatsoever!"

Indeed when confronted with the LaRouche's antisemitism question, any larouchite will argue:

  1. "But LaRouche says he is not antisemitic and I believe him!"
  2. "Many members of his organization are Jews. They cannot be working or be associated with an... anti-semite, can they? Shouldn't they know?"
  3. "What are the facts anyway, can you prove it?"

We'll answer to these questions in their reverse order.
Let us first answer to question #3. Let's go the FACTS themselves, i.e. his own writings and political campaigns, then we 'll answer to questions #2 and #1.

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