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The Russians

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LaRouche hates "Russian Culture" far more than he hates "Communism". He considers Russian Culture as "barbaric".

As a matter of fact, he views Lenin as a positive attempt of "Westernizing" this "barbaric" country...

This is what he wrote about Lenin:

"Naturally, I do not believe that Bolshevism as V.I. Lenin defined it is the cause of what the Russian Empire has become today. [...] Lenin was a "westernizer" in the footsteps of not only Peter I, Alexander II, and Sergei Count Witte, but most emphatically his adopted intellectual model, the N. Chernyshevskii of Chto Delat? The Russian Empire of today is not something sprung from the germ of Lenin's "westernizing" variety of Bolshevism -- as distinct from the Bolshevism of N. Bukharin, for example. [...] Russian Imperialism is a product not of the success, but the embedded failures of Leninism. Lenin was on the right track, to the dregree he adopted German science, technology and culture, and, later, American industrial methods as the models for "Westernizing" Russia." (3)

(after all, before Lyndon LaRouche, his pen name was "Lyn Marcus" as a contraction of "Lenin and Marx"...)

For him, "behind" Bolshevism (not "Lenin's Communism") stands "Matushkla Rus" which is, in his mind, a Satanic/anti-Christ anti-Western cult(ure)...

He wrote:

"Barbaric cultures are essentially racialist, "blood and soil" cultures, whose form of belief is consistent with the worship of capricious tribal gods. They reject the existence of an efficient and knowable universal reason. [...] The barbaric culture willingly modifies itself only when it accepts the painful recognition that its culture is inferior [...] Only the perception that other nations are intrinsically superior on these latter accounts, enables the barbaric culture to be penetrated by superior cultures."(1)

He refers then to the notion of "irregular warfare" developped by a friend of his; Prof. von der Heydte. Prof. von der Heydte was a high-ranking officer in the (Nazi) Wehrmacht... (2)

LaRouche goes on:

"The traditional, family-centered values of our population were radically shifted, axiomatically shifted, by the rock-drug-sex counterculture.
This action has been the foundation of Sino-Soviet irregular warfare against us. Our counter-action must be to reverse this "cultural-paradigm shift" within our nations' population, and to aim to induce a desirable sort of cultural-paradigm shift in the cultures among barbaric peoples, such as the Russians. [...] Too much emphasis is placed usually upon the economic features of Bolshevism. The popular idea of "godless materialism," is a dangerously absurd misestimation in practice. The Bolshevik is deeply mystical, and has very pronounced agreement with the priestless faction of Old Believers during the 18th century. Essentially, he is very religious. The problem lies not in the wrongly supposed fact, that he is "godless," or, more accurately, "priestless." The problem is that his god is the "anti-Christ," Cybele, the mother of Satan (Dionysos) in her Russian costume, as the pagan earth-goddess Matushka Rus (emph. added, ed.)."(1)

Despite his source of information and analysis (i.e. (Nazi) Wehrmacht Prof. von der Heydte), LaRouche blames the Russians for destroying German Culture with... Nazism!!! :

"So, to destroy German culture, Russian Raskolniki culture was imported to foster a mystical variety of German racism which was the mirror-image of Dostoevsky's Raskolniki. This was Nazism. The credulous myth-spinners attributed Hitler's "Third Reich" to the succession of Bismarck's, Weimar, and Nazi Germany. The Nazis took the name directly out of Dostoevsky's prophesying the coming of the "Third Rome," an eternal world-empire whose appointed capital was "Holy Moscow." Dostoevsky's German transla-ter, Moller van den Bruck, was the one who contributed the "Third Reich" myth directly to the Nazis." (1)

LaRouche hates "Russian culture" but doesn't dislike honors. He hypocritically enjoys being invited in Russia... Have a look at:

1. "Dealing with the Russians' decisive cultural inferiority", Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.,EIR , October 3, 1986.
2. LaRouche re-published Prof. von der Heydte's "Modern Irregular Warfare" book in 1986, the same year as his "Dealing with the Russians' decisive cultural inferiority" article.
Note: LaRouche had this anecdote about his pro-Nazi friend Prof. von der Heydte:
"I once had met a German general, who had been a colonel in North Africa; a distinguished fellow, a great man in international law. And at my first encounter with him, I said, "Well, General, would you agree with me that Montgomery was the worst commander in World War II?" And he answered me, and said, "Well, you can't say anything bad about Montgomery. He saved my life." He said, "I was commanding the rear guard for Rommel, in the retreat from Egypt, and if he had ever flanked me, I'd be dead!" [laughter]"
From "This Present World Financial Crisis: Credit vs. Monetarist Usury" by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., EIR, September 28,, 2007
Who said Germans don't have a sense of humor?
There are no doubts this "distinguished fellow" who served under Rommel was Prof. von der Heydte. Check his brief biography at "Modern Irregular Warfare" by Prof. Friedrich August Frhr. von der Heydte, re-printed by New Benjamin Franklin House, 1986
3. IMPERIALISM : THE FINAL STAGE OF BOLSHEVISM, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., February 1984, pp. ix-xi PDF file (5.3 Mb.)
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