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Mother = Evil

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See The Ugly Truth about LaRouche's Policy of Enforced Abortions

LaRouche: all evil religions are based on the "mother principle":

"The most significant single feature of all culture is centered on the manner a culture solves, or fails to solve the problem of weaning the child from domination by the mother. The love of the parents, most immediately of the mother, is the primary means for transforming the newborn beast of an infant into a being who is moral and rational for the sake of love. [...]
Hence, all evil religions are based on the "mother principle": Ishtar = Shakti = Isis = Astarte = Cybele, an evil at least as old as the Ur of the Chaldeans from which the ancient Abraham departed. Similarly, all evil pagan religions, accompany this mother goddess ("The Whore of Babylon") with a male figure of the type of a castrated phallus-god, such as Shaitan, Siva, Osiris, and Dionysos, or perhaps also a third male figure of the mother-goddess's love for her son, such as Horus = Apollo = Lucifer. This is sometimes overlain by a pantheon of the Hesiodic model, as the Roman imperial pantheon typifies the connection. These evil religions are associatiated principally, with Near Eastern forces variously named the Chaldeans, Phoenicians, Magicians, Mobeds, and the Egyptian priests of Isis-Osiris-Horus. The exemplar of Phoenician cults in classical mainland Greece and a Graecia is the Cadmian cult of sodomic Thebes, of the mythical Lycurgus's Sparta, and the temples of the Cult of Apollo at Delphi and Delos. These ancient cults, anciently associated with the evil Tyre of Hiram Abiff, are the roots of modern pseudo-judaism, Kabbalism, and the pseudo-Christian versions of such cults, called generically Gnosticism." (8)

LaRouche is against Feminism:

"It is the specific set of ideas about God, the universe, and man within the universe, consistent with the worship of the feminist Earth-mother-goddess, which is the force of evil within society." (1)
"The descent into Hell is the course of the adolescent governed by a mother modeled on Isis; the ascent to Empyreal self-realization is the ultimate achievement of the son of a mother modeled on Adrienne. The polarities are otherwise exemplified by the sort of modern feminist who converges on the one-time WITCH organization or the doctrines of Ti-Grace Atkinson, and Madame Curie. Both are "liberated" women, but to diametrically opposite effects. What is "liberated" in the follower of Ti-Grace Atkinson is pure irrationality, "liberation" from morality and reason. What is "liberated" in the instance of Adrienne is the woman's power to triumph through reason, her power to become the equal of any man in the achievement of not only reason, but the power to employ reason against evil in the world in a world-historical way -- again, Madame Curie." (2)
"The "force" of Shakti-Ishtar-Isis and her homosexual consort, Siva-Satan-Osiris-Dionysos-Apollo-Lucifer, is the force of an evil cultural transmission. This cultural transmission does not nessarily tell men and women exactly what to do under each and all circumstances. Rather, it represents a system for determining the values used to select, and estimate the consequences of judgments for practice. This cultural transmission can be analyzed as constructed out of elementary notions of the nature of God, the universe, and man in the universe. These elementary notions, and the usually unconscious values associated with them, determine how men and women influenced by that culture will tend to act, what sorts of political and other social institutions and policies they will prefer, and so forth. It is the specific set of ideas about God, the universe, and man within the universe, consistent with the worship of the feminist Earth-mother-goddess, which is the force of evil within society." (1)

and therefore against some evil "Feminine Principle":

"The most commonplace route, through which Oriental satan-worship has attempted to corrupt and destroy Christian churches, is the introduction of various guises of a dogma known as "the feminine principle." The central position of this "matriarchal" dogma in satanic cults, is key to understanding the objections to a female priesthood." (3)

Note: Bachofen discovered the 'gynaecocratic era', which Italian Fascist theoretician Julius Evola called "Feminine Principle" and equated it to the "Anglo-Saxon civilisation".

... aka the "Mother-Earth", "Whore of Babylon", the Mother of Satan:

"The 'Earth-Goddess' is otherwise known, for historically valid reasons, as the 'Whore of Babylon,'..." (5)
"In Mediterannean cultures, Satan has various names: the Semitic Satan and Baal, Osiris, Lucifer, Apollo, Dionysos, and so on. In these sundry satanic cults, all directly or indirectly spawned out of India's pre-Aryan Shakti-Siva cults, the "mother principle" is the higher authority. She is known variously as the "Whore of Babylon," Ishtar, Athtar, Astarte, Isis, Cybele, and so on, otherwise the great goddess of the Wicca cult spawned by the Lucifer-worshipping circles of Aleister Crowley. " (6)

For LaRouche, the "Whore of Babylon" IS the actual Evil, the Absolute Enemy:

"If the new monetary system is firmly established, the Whore of Babylon -- the Queen of England -- defeated, . . ." (4)
"Moscow today is the seat of government of the same "Whore of Babylon" (the Chaldean Ishtar) identified in St. John's Revelations of the Apocalypse." (3)

In defense of the Patriarcal (Western) Society against the Matriarcal (Eastern) Society

"The rise of Satan's mother to power in Western culture over the recent hundred years or so, is defined by the defense of the idea of matriarchal against patriarchal society, and by the Crowleyites' organizing of lesbian and homosexual cult-formations built up around the admiration of a supposedly pre-patriarchal form of society." (6)
"Lacking such clearly feasible studies, it is fair to estimate that females would predominate in the adult segment of the population [of gathering-societies, note], and that the majority of the population would be composed of pre-adolescent individuals. In such circumstances, the cult of the mother-goddess and "matriarchical society" are most probable features of culture. The predominance of children still dominated by strong maternal dependency -- e.g , relative infantilism of character -- formation means that the infantile (hedonistic-irrationalist) element must tend to be the characteristic of such cultures. This is no conjecture: the characteristics of all Whore-of-Babylon forms of religious-cultural matrices conform precisely to features adduced from the case of such a primitive and degenerate form of "matriarchical" society. The ambiguity, in such cases as Shakti-Siva, or Isis-Osiris, whether Siva-Osiris is simply the consort or the incestuous son of the mother-goddess, is consistent with that connection to primitive gathering-societies. In both instances, Siva and Osiris, the male phallic figure is clearly the subordinate figure..." (7)


From the "Beyond Psychoanalysis"(BP) sessions:
Women's feelings of degradation were because female sexual organs are near the anus, thus causing women to confuse sex with excretion "Lyndon LaRouche: What's the Real Story?" from

According to ex-member Christine Berl:

"The obsession with shit and the endless stream of scatological and sadistic humor issuing from Marcus around this obsession, successfully and repeatedly reduced all the individuals in the sessions to the level of animals. They were forced to concede that a large part of their thinking could be reduced to a preoccupation with shit, and especially to the fear of this preoccupation. Women were hit particularly viciously with this form of reductionism, even to the point of tracing their sexuality to the proximity of the anus and the vagina with only the thin strip of the perineum distinguishing between the two. Marcus claimed that this anatomical peculiarity was the origin of women's feelings of degradation, since it gave rise to their confusion of the sexual act with the act of excretion. This was a radical departure" from" classical Marxism since it located identity not within the matrix of social-reproductive relations, but in bestialized anatomical reductionism. The degradation of women was further predetermined by the infantile relation a woman had to her mother where the first sexual encounter was imprinted on her memory as "the mother cleaning the shit out of her little vagina." This confusion of sexuality with shit led both men and women to cover up the odors associated with lovemaking; according to Marcus, this was the reason that women wore perfume and men smoked after making love. Needless to say, none of these assertions were challenged."

"A True History of Lyn Marcus (Lyndon LaRoche) and the Labor Committees" by the International Workers Party, 1975 Complete letter here

But behind this obscure rethoric, there are concrete tragic consequences: the LaRouche organization's systematic child abortion policy against its female members...


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