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TREASON: The "Enemy within"

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But of course this paranoia about traitors does also apply, and maybe more particularly, to LaRouche's colleagues and members. Witchhunting, suspicions, psywarfares, even denouncements are common practices within the cult.

The present destructiveness in Lyn (Lyndon LaRouche, note), like in the famous Goya’s painting “Saturn devouring his son” cannot be reduced only to the frustrations derived by the fact that ALL of his “vice-presidents”, ALL of his “number 2s” and moreover ALL of his wives (at least the last 3) betrayed him. The real problem, which is shaping his character since long, is terror.

Source: My memories about the Larouches by former Larouchie member Dino De Paoli, Dec. 9, 2006.

"The enemy within is your most important and most dangerous enemy. Because you will not be capable of responding in an effectively moral way, when I’m gone ... You think you will ? No. Only through kind of a miracle occurs ... and you give up all the cheap crap and devote yourself to the mission of saving society from total self-destruction [...] And the problem is: do you have the means within yourself to fight that within yourself which is causing you to destroy yourself. [...] but you're looking at the end of civilization ... and we can rescue civilization but it’s going to take a mighty effort to conquer the enemy within yourselves ... And only if you were angry enough at that enemy within yourself is it likely you'll find the capability of saving civilization. We’re right now at least in the transatlantic region, we’re living on the brink of Hell.
From "We Are Now Living on the Brink of Hell" (June 30th 2012)

LaRouche is obsessed with treason; i.e. the "enemy within", the Judas, Trojan Horse, Fifth column and other traitors...
Call it paranoia.

Here are some samples:

Sigerson: You said [about 911, note edit.] that the enemy is within.
LaRouche: [...] I've been at this counterintelligence for a long time.
So, we're playing a mind game against an animal, in the forest, an animal whose spoor I have read, and whose necessary species I know. I do not know the names of the animals. I don't know where they're located. I can guess. Therefore, we're playing a mind game against the enemy, which is this animal—the coup potential, the rogue element inside our security forces, with whatever allies it has and accomplices it has. Therefore, we have to conduct our policy not merely to find him, and neutralize him, but we also have to take measures which will frustrate his ability to achieve the effects for which he aims.
Therefore, we have to do as I say. First of all, you have to calm the population; you have to say what the enemy's nature is. [...] That's the first thing to be made clear. Because we don't know where he is. We don't know where to hunt him out. We don't have his name, but we know what kind of an animal he is, and we know what his game. Therefore, we maneuver as you in warfare, where you don't see the enemy's eyes. You know his troops are there, and you deal with him accordingly. [...] They're inside the government, probably, but you have Mr. X. See, Mr. X on the one hand is a government official, or a member of some part of the security establishment. Maybe a retired general officer, acting in some other capacity. So, you know him by his right name, his ordinary name. But he has another identity, as a member of this organization. "

Source: EIR interview in 2001

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