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Where, how and with whom the member lives and associates with

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In order to join the LYM (formerly known as the "ICLC"), young recruit is to reject (nearly) everything (s)he likes, loves, cherishes:

From "No Joke":

Visits home were frowned upon, he says. Parents were derided as "brainwashed baby boomers" or agents of the worldwide conspiracy against LaRouche.

From former member "Nicholas" at

If you read too many things external to the movement, you become the object of remarks often expressed in an ironic way.
If you go out too much, somebody comes to talk to you and discuss with you this. Its not a good thing to see your parents too often. For the true LaRouchists Christmas must not be celebrated. War is perhaps happening tomorrow.
Cheminade (leader of LaRouche organization in France, note) thinks that for a “good mental hygiene” it is necessary that the members must not have too many contacts with his parents; one or two telephone calls a month is ample.
The goal is to be alone with the movement, The people from the movement must be the only associates of the member, but not real friends. ( Cheminade thinks there are no friends in politics)
The only subjects of concern must be only be related to the movement itself, which is seen as the only one situated in the real world. So, when the member returns to his family he gets bored. This world has become foreign to him. Nobody outside the organization can really understand him.
There are two different worlds, but for them the real world is the one they talk about in all their briefings. The people who are around them in their district, in their country are nothing but puppets. People who do not yet know the Truth that they hold, only partly. LaRouche himself, knows much more than all the others together.

From former member "eaglebeak" at Lear in Leesburg

Starting way back in the early '70s, LaRouche denounced us all preemptively for any lingering yearning for a "bourgeois" lifestyle, for a "lifeboat" to take us away from the revolutionary life we had pledged to live as his followers.
LaRouche claimed that anyone who still had a job, or a spot in college or grad school, had a foot in that lifeboat--that is, had mental reservations. Had not hurled himself or herself into the maelstrom of revolutionary dialecticism or whatever. Hadn't truly ditched his dreadful family, friends, background, education, career....
The idea was that there was no surviving outside the LaRouche org. Any fantasies one might have had about surviving were understood to be Bad Thoughts. The member in question failed to realize that "If we don't win, none of you will survive anyhow."
So we were shamed into dropping out of grad school or college, quitting our jobs, telling our families to buzz off--and leaping into the bubbling cauldron of LaRoucheanism.
Sometimes, crazed recruits left their husbands or wives for LaRouche. Sometimes, as in the case of Sylvia B, they left their children. (Not so much her fault as Wertz's, who convinced her.)

From "Operation" at

"This is ingenius cult methodology because it ensures that any member will now be scared of the "outside world" where every bit of their day to day contact is but one continual battle with mythical dragons to slay."
XLCR's recent post about how the use of operation's to create paranoia in the membership of LaRouche's organization was very accurate.
There are three relatively new pamphlets I would like you all to turn your attention too if you haven't already.
  1. . "The Children of Satan III:The Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism"
  2. . "Is Joeseph Goebells on your Campus?"
  3. . "Is The Devil in your Labtop?"
These three pamphlets in particular are dubious operations that succeed in further insulating the LYM from their friends, family and the rest of society.
LaRouche controls the input of the LYM by convincing them that all sorts of different influences are bad. Forms of music and art, poetry, college clubs, movies, certain plays, television, newspapers, video games, facebook and myspace are all tools of mind-control by the synarchy (the source of evil).
The ironic part is this branding by LaRouche is the real mind-control.
Many LYM had their own Facebook and/or Myspace page until LaRouche put it on the list of 'operations'. The LYM kept in touch with classmates, old friends and even used it to recruit. When LaRouche declared it an 'operation' they all deleted them. LaRouche wanted to cut off the LYM even more from the friends, family and society, because they are rival influences.
Its like this with everything. When someone joins they stop listening to music, stop watching television, movies, etc. The only things in their lives are all LaRouche-approoved: the music they listen too, what they read and the daily briefing is spoon-fed news. The inputs into their life are set by LaRouche.
What a horrible life.
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