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Willy Brandt (1913 - 1992)

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LaRouche poster showing Willy Brandt as a Nazi (from the above Campaigner - June 1976):

LaRouche's smear campaign: "Willy Brandt was a Nazi"

"From its inception the European Labor Party concentrated much of its energy on tracking, compiling dossiers on, and harassing politicians in Germany and Scandinavia who were critics of U.S. policy or advocates of Ostpolitik. They conducted a smear campaign against former Chancellor Willy Brandt, putting up posters depicting him in a Nazi storm trooper uniform with a swastika prominently displayed. (Brandt sued them and won.)"
From PART FIVE: LaRouche's Private CIA / Chapter Eighteen: The Billion-Dollar Brain at (Dennis King)

LaRouche: "Willy Brandt was a piece of garbage" and an "illegitimate child"

"Willy Brandt was a piece of garbage that nobody wanted to touch. I mean, that’s actually it. He worked for all sides, as while he was in Sweden. He was born an illegitimate child. And he had certain affairs. He fled to Sweden, and he began working for everybody. And nobody trusted him. He was working for all sides. So, he came back to Germany after the war, and he came back as a piece of garbage into Berlin. Nobody wanted to touch this guy, because his record was so filthy."
From An Address to the Youth Movement: On the Subject of Truth By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.; EIR July 7, 2006, pp. 37-45.

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