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<<LaRouche as "World' s best forecaster" (ever)?

"...the public record shows that I am probably the world' s best forecaster living during the past 40 years..." (22)

Well, let's have a look at his "public record"...


LaRouche's NCLC forecasts a "nuclear holocaust by the end of the 1970's":

"The continuation of the capitalist system into the latter part of this decade means fascism. Fascism, in turn, means nuclear holocaust by the end of the 1970's, unless the U.S.S.R. and China are prepared to permit the foreign enslavement their populations without a struggle. (2)


LaRouche warns that Rockefellers' projected "new world order" is thermonuclear holocaust (aka "Nelson Rockefeller's Endgame Scenario") 'no later than the early 1980s.

"The world is now being pushed toward a new form of organization modelled ultimately on the most hideous features of the Nazi Third Reich. If the Rockefeller-headed supranational agencies succeed in realizing their stated tactical goals for the Winter of 1974-75 and later months of 1975, a majority of the human race will be deprived immediately of all basis for hope of a civilized personal life as most of us understand that term. The probable included consequence of the Rockefellers' projected "new world order" is thermonuclear holocaust no later than the early 1980s. If, improbably, such war is avoided, the 1990 situation of humanity still would not be much better than if the worst kind of thermonuclear holocaust had occurred." (8)


LaRouche warns NATO maneuvers Hilex 75 are a preparation for World War III by January 1976:

"... the NATO maneuver called Hilex' 75, in reality an operational plan for the implementation of worldwide fascist dictatorships leading to nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union by early 1976." (4)
". . . the Rockefeller forces are absolutely insane, and . . . therefore if leading capitalist forces line up behind the Rockefeller allied Atlanticists, World War III in the immediate weeks ahead becomes inevitable." (11)

. . . and imagines himself like a Soviet official launching a thermonuclear first strike against the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain !

"If I agreed with such a Soviet policy [the West's submission to Rockefeller, note]and I were the relevant Soviet official, I would launch a general first strike, concentrating upon the U S. Canada, and Great Britain. at approximately the moment the last BRD members of parliament and U S parliamentary public opposition to Rockefeller capitulated to support of the NATO operational deployment. If I were committed to such a policy, I would launch war preemptively at that point to the end of securing the maximum net advantage for full realization of first strike capabilities. [...] I emphasize that I absolutely disagree with such a policy for either the Warsaw Pact or NATO and the US. However, I must also emphasize that such a trip-wire paralleling of political and military approaches would be entirely rational. . . " (11)

LaRouche congratulates himself about his analysis on the war danger in 1974

". . . I must emphasize the fact that any highly-placed politician, military figure and so forth who disputes my exceptional authority on the present potential for war must be behaving stupidly. [...] When our analysis - as summarized in my "Rockefeller' s Fascism with a Democratic Face" document [1974, note]- is compared in detail with the way in which the present situation has developed, no one can competently deny that we have been consistently correct and our critics have been consistently wrong." (11)



US election TV broadcast:
LaRouche: The election of Jimmy Carter means thermonuclear war no later than the Summer of 1977...

LaRouche says pro-war circles in NATO are "locked in for a thermonuclear showdown between now and the summer of 1977": "U.S. Labor Party Presidential Campaign Statement"

Pamphlet published in 1976.
This front cover, interestingly, shows the "victims of an Allied air raid emerging from a cellar: Mannheim, (in Nazi) Germany"

"Yet, the danger of thermonuclear war has been accelerating since the Summer and Fall of 1973: the danger leaped ahead with the August 1974 resignation of President Richard Nixon, has been an active danger since March 1975, and is susceptible of erupting into actual general war at any moment under presently developing global conditions. This danger arises as a consequence of troubles in the "Balkans," the Rockefeller interests efforts to impose monolithic fascist regimes upon not only Latin America. but also, most notably, the Middle East and Africa. [...] the NATO countries are concentrating on enlarging capabilities that will rapidly become obsolete after 1977 and 1978. For such reasons, pro-war circles in NATO are locked in for a thermonuclear showdown between now and the summer of 1977. [...] The result of that configuration is that as long as the Atlanticists remain politically hegemonic in determining effective NATO policies, war is inevitable at some point in the area of history between the present moment and the Summer of 1977. [...] NATO is building to expand the capability for a geometry of thermonuclear warfare which will begin to become obsolete during approximately the 1977-1979 period." (1)


LaRouche says the Warsaw Pact will not invade Western Europe

"The Warsaw Pact is not going to invade Western Europe - unless some idiot provokes World War III." (13)

LaRouche says Brezhnev acts like Neville Chamberlain : World War III is inevitable -- possibly even within 1977":

"In the name of avoiding war, Brezhnev -- like Neville Chamberlain before him -- avoid those confrontations which are indispensable to prevent war. [...] If Western Europe and the developing sector are forced to submit to Rockefeller's desperate monetary "reforms", that fact by itself creates the conditions which make World War III inevitable -- possibly even within 1977." (10)


LaRouche says the "Anglo-American" forces seek a "Super Cuba Crisis" in May-June and are pushing toward a general thermonuclear war which the Soviets would ultimately win. . .

Back cover. Published in mid-1979.

"I do not predict it as inevitable that the Soviet Union will dominate the world of the 1980s. Nor do I echo the delusion that the Soviet leadership has such an ambition. I do insist that what are called "Anglo-American" forces are now pushing the world toward a general thermonuclear war. It is probable that, at the end of that war, the Soviets will find themselves ruling what remains of the world's international affairs more or less by default.
I do not predict such a monstrous war to be inevitable. I insist that the early outbreak of such a war is now a matter of high probability; at this date (May 11, 1979), a majority of the United-States National Security Council is committed to seeking a "Super Cuba Crisis" even as early as the May-June period of this year. From the standpoint of "objective probabilities," it must seem that only a miracle could prevent the principal military potencies from continuing on the present drive toward early war."


LaRouche to Yuri Andropov : you have chosen to plunge the world into war

"When you rejected even exploratory negotiations offered by President Ronald Reagan, on the basis of the new U.S. strategic doctrine publicized on March 23, 1983, you consciously chose thermonuclear war to occur sometime during the several years immediately ahead. [...] YOU CHOSE THERMONUCLEAR WAR, AND ACCELERATED THE POSSIBILITY OF ITS EARLY OCCURENCE. You helped to push Henry A. Kissinger back into government which would not have occurred if you has responded to the President's proposal with at least exploratory nogotiations. With Kissinger and what he represents in power in Washington, thermonuclear World War III is almost guaranteed for the period ahead." (7)

LaRouche considers it is one to two years before World War III

"We are approximately at 1938 relative to the preconditions for World War III and for the general destruction of the Middle East -- Israel included." (12)


LaRouche warns of a USSR domination by 1988-89

"Although the Soviet empire's ruling dynasty is preparing to launch, survive, and win a general thermonuclear attack against the United States by as early as 1988-89, Moscow hopes to win its imperial objectives of world domination by that time without firing a shot." (3)



HOWEVER... LaRouche doesn't believe that "World War III would break out under the next U.S. President" but, rather "that we might surrender to Soviet world-domination during the next two years":

"Frankly, I don't think it at all probable that World War III will break out under the next U.S. President. We must act as if such a war were in the process of breaking-out; the Soviets are in a mobilization aimed at just such a probability. I think more likely than war, is that we might surrender to Soviet world-domination during the next two years, or, as an alternative, that the West will mobilize to such a degree that the danger of a general war is delayed for a decade or more, and, one might hope, indefinitely." (9)


Despite all his World War III warning campaigns, LaRouche strangely rejected similar claims by KGB defector Oleg Gordievsky that:

"war almost broke out by mistake in November 1983"(5)

LaRouche contradicts himself even more since he wrote an "Open letter to Yuri Andropov: YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO PLUNGE THE WORLD INTO WAR" back in August 26, 1983 where he said "With Kissinger and what he represents in power in Washington, thermonuclear world war III is almost guaranteed for the period ahead."

He also rejects these Gordievsky's claims:

" [...]that then-First Chief Directorate head Gen. Vladimir Kryuchkov -- who has just been appointed to head the KGB -- called senior KGB officers together, to mobilize them in response to perceived Western war moves.
The moves Kryuchkov was talking about, Gordievsky said, were part of a Nov. 2-11 , 1983 NATO exercise, code-named ABLE ARCHER. This was a command post drill, to enable the Western alliance to practice its nuclear release procedures.
Gordievsky claimed that the Soviets responded to the maneuver by going into an "ill-founded panic," since they believed that "belligerent imperialist circles in the U.S.A. are getting ready for war, and are preparing new weapons systems which could render a sudden attack feasible." As a result of this "panic," Gordievsky claims, on or about Nov. 8-9, the world "really passed through a war danger."(5)

"belligerent imperialist circles in the U.S.A. are getting ready for war, and are preparing new weapons systems which could render a sudden attack feasible."? Who could these "imperialist circles" be?
LaRouche's political campaigns at the time were war-mongering, aggressively pro-SDI ("Star Wars") and virulently anti-communist and anti-Russian... He also enjoyed being here and there attacked in the Soviet press... Did he play a dangerous game of deception?

There is an interesting tv documentary on this very real World War III threat: 1983: The Brink Of Apocalypse at

BUT in the same article LaRouche warns us of a "USSR domination by 1992" !!!

"If the next government reacts no better, or even worse, than the U.S. government reacted to the bluff of 1983, the U.S. situation will deteriorate more or less irreversibly, there might be no next election in 1992. This will not be a happy period for Moscow. It might possibly come to dominate the world by 1992, or some time near to that. However, the internal self-destruction of the Soviet empire is already in progress; if Moscow continues to play out the classical tragedy in progress there now, Moscow is doomed only soon after Israel is obliterated by Middle East developments which will assuredly occur were Dukakis elected." (5)
"If the United States' and Western Europe's governments continue those trends in Soviet relations in progress since the close of 1985, the collapse of Western strategic capabilities under pressures of spiralling financial and economic crises will give Moscow virtual domination over this planet's affairs."[...]"In such circumstances, especially as the Soviet Ogarkov Plan' s military build-up reaches levels programmed for 1991-1992, there will be the strongest pressures on the Soviet regime to use its military superiority as a lever for solving the most acute aspects of its economic crisis." (6)


Fall of the Berlin Wall

Read LaRouche's failed forecasts on the collapse of the Soviet empire


LaRouche says there is a "growing World War III"...

"What we have today around the globe in foreign policy and domestically is a growing World War III. This World War III did not break out in the form of an exchange in nuclear weapons. It could have, but it didn't. Instead, the Berlin Wall came down..." (14)
"You might say that World War III has already begun. [...] We can say, in general, World War III is spreading rapidly in the form of these local wars. It's like a forest fire, threatening to engulf whole continents, and perhaps the world as a whole. " (17)


(From The New Federalist - May 23, 1994)


Is World War III Coming?

"London's attempt to orchestrate a nuclear attack on India, by London-controlled assets in the Pakistan military, is part of the same post-Balkan-War thrust. There, in brief, lies the risk of an actual nuclear World War III." (15)


"thermonuclear World War III was avoided..."

"What I forecast was a condition which already existed: a condition, which, in the later part of the film, I indicated would continue, has continued, would worsen, had worsened, and we are still headed toward some kind of catastrophe, which could be thermonuclear World War III, or something equally bad. And there are things which are equally bad." (21)


Nuclear War Now?!, PRESS RELEASE (EIRNS), April 20, 2001.


LaRouche: this IS World War III...

"We have already crossed the Rubicon. We are already in Hell. World War III in Eurasia is already ongoing. There was not an Iraq war; there is a continuing Iraq war. There was not an Afghanistan war; there is a continuing Afghanistan war. There's already an onset of a war with Iran, being run covertly, as a covert operation, from the United States, in Iran right now! You see it on the television screens here. That is not a spontaneous student movement. That is a U.S.-run destabilization of Iran, trying to set up the conditions for a war. The situation in Korth Korea; other situations I know of; we are now inside World War III. It is not something that we could prevent from happening. We're there." (18)
"I guarantee you, within a very short period of time, before the elections in the year 2004, we will be pushed on the road, as Hitler pushed the world--toward an inevitable nuclear war--which you may not wish to fight, but you may either submit, or fight.
That is the problem. We're not talking about 25 years from now, we're not talking about 20 years from now, 10 years from now. We're talking about two and three years from now. That's where we are." (23)


"If we do not get rid of the Bush-Cheney Administration, now, we are headed for a form of World War III, beyond the imagination of most." (20)


LaRouche: Cheney's Guns of August

"Cheney, under his specifications, as reported by these sources, would actually launch World War III.
And that's what it is: Nuclear World War III." (19)


"We are presently moving, like the fabled lemmings, toward what promises to become, soon, World War III, but of a special, spreading, slime-mold-like asymmetric ruin." (16)


LaRouche Warns: "We Are Closer to World War III than to November Elections."

"The world situation, and recent events, show that we are at the point of breakdown of the world system, and the threat of a thermonuclear World War III is immediate." (22)

WW3 and World depression at


"Papandreou's re-election: the "Sarajevo" of World War III" by Lyndon H. LaRouche (Executive Intelligence Review, 30 Nov 2010)

Note: Nostradamus Predicts World War-III Will Begin In 2010


On the Edge of World War III: A Warning from Lyndon LaRouche

A Call to Action Against World War III by Helga Zepp-LaRouche


Nuclear Armageddon if WWIII Starts: Lyndon LaRouche Reports on the Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show.

LaRouche: Obama Must Be Impeached To Stop Threat of Thermonuclear War before September

"It is time to throw Obama out. Obama is committed to a Libya-style operation in Syria. He must be immediately impeached in the interest of world security. The threat of thermonuclear war, provoked by Obama's actions against Syria, and, potentially Iran, cannot be ignored. Forget the little jerks who say that the threat of nuclear war is not serious. (...) It must happen before September, if we are going to assure that we avoid thermonuclear extinction." (24)

LaRouche 'Call to Arms' against British War Threat : LaRouche issues a deadly serious "call to arms" to American patriots, against the imminent threat of the British detonation of thermonuclear World War III, through the empire's puppet Barack Obama.

In conclusion:

The fact is that LaRouche's intentions are NOT to convince anybody except his own adepts who are poorly informed about international affairs! His repeated "end-of-the-world"/ Armageddon Doom prophet predictions serve three purposes:
1/ To keep the "hysteria/fear" levels high in his organization and raise money,
2/ To present himself as a Genius/Prophet/Savior who can not only "see" the upcoming catastrophe but (thank God or... LaRouche?) has the solution for it!
3/ Since all of his "predictions" were WRONG, this is to test his adepts' blind faith and force them into this practice of collective "self-brainwashing" called AMNESIA. Forget about the previous (failed) predictions, they NEVER existed and if needed, History could be re-written. This is the "Orwellian" side of the LaRouche organization... What is important is to BELIEVE LAROUCHE WAS ALWAYS RIGHT.


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