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In the previous page, we have analyzed and documented how much LaRouche is OPPOSED to Judaism. Now, we shall discover how much he is against Zionism which he considers as even worse than Judaism! Hence this slogan: "Zionism is not Judaism". (By "Judaism" he means here some "acceptable Judaism" when reformed by external, non-Jewish influences like the "Greek" Philo of Alexandria...)
Although LaRouche never officially opposed to the principles of Zionism, aka the right to the existence of Israel, yet he is a raving anti-Zionist.

This is what the authors of this infamous Campaigner magazine wrote:

"Zionism is the state of collective psychosis through which London manipulates most of international Jewry." (1)
"Zionism is a hideous doctrine, a cult in the strictest, most rigorously restricted usage of that characterization. It ought to be opposed merely on the grounds that no human being's mind should be destroyed in the way that Zionism degrades its individual cultist." (1)

Essentially, LaRouche equates Zionism to the worse political regimes mankind ever knew: Nazism! The "connection" between Zionism and Nazism comes allegedly from the British and Jewish financiers who are both considered as the "creators" of Nazism AND Zionism.

Again, the same authors accuse the Zionists for backing Hitler rise to power:

"Among the strongest backer's of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement to power were the Zionist financiers of the City of London, the Hofjuden." (1)

Today, LaRouche calls "Synarchists" these same "Zionist financiers of the City of London":

"Well, Felix Rohatyn (a Jewish financier, note) is essentially a Nazi. That's no exaggeration, that's no mistake, no caricature. That's what he is. Felix Rohatyn is a protιgι of a fellow called Andrι Meyer (another Jewish financier, note). [...] Now, what Meyer represented, and what Lazard Frθres represented, then, and now : Lazard Frθres was the key Continental center in banking which brought Adolf Hitler to power, and launched World War II, and the crimes that went with it. [...] And the chief agent in France was the Synarchist International, centered around the forces of Andrι Meyer, which are the authorship and heritage of Felix Rohatyn today. The intention of Rohatyn, the intention of these guys, is the same thing. To destroy the United States!" (2)

They also accuse the same Zionists for having used Nazism as a process of race purification for future Palestine settlements:

"The Zionists viewed, the role of Nazism in Europe as a process of race purification of the Jews, whereby the Jews that survived the holocaust would have passed through a "selection" process and would be fit colonists for Palestine. !" (1)

and for having caused the killing of... Jews!!!

"The Zionist priests of death have injected their followers with a concoction of myths revolving around the extermination of Jews by "the others," of which the two most prominent myths are that of the massacre of the Zealots at Masada fortress during the first century, and that of the Nazi holocaust. [...] In both cases, the cause of the slaughter was a deliberate killing of Jews by Zionists! " (1)

LaRouche of course considers Zionism as racism

... but what did the Nazis think of Zionism?
Although they encouraged Jewish emigration (to Palestine and elsewhere) in the first years of Hitler's regime, this article signaled the change of line: Zionism was considered as a threat of "Jewish world domination" and therefore was OPPOSED by the Nazis.
"Zionism" by Arno Schickedanz in Der Schulungsbrief 3 (April 1936)

This is what Nazi ideologue A. Rosenberg said against Zionism and Judaism in ways that strangely resembles LaRouche's...

Nancy Spannaus's antisemitism:

"Israel's founders were neurotic and proto-fascist; Rockefeller's intervention has wrought a nation ruled by psychotics. Now, having created a largely psychotic, captive population out of Israel by encircling it with hostile armies, Rockefeller is prepared to destroy the Zionists - whom he had found so useful - in order to prevent the establishment of a new world economic order based on expanded trade and production, a system which would take the final prop from underneath his crumbling financial empire. Like the Warsaw ghetto, the work camps at Auschwitz, and the death camp at Treblinka, Israel is to be rewarded for good behavior by extinction.[...] The Tavistock schemers have come dangerously close to accomplishing their goal of creating a model concentration camp out of Israel. Policed by a Nazi-like labor front, squeezed economically at a deadly rate, bombarded by "friend'' and foe alike with the threat of total extermination - the Israeli population is being submerged in psychotic holocaust." (4)

Now let's see what LaRouche thinks of "Israel"...


1. "Zionism is not Judaism", The Campaigner - Dec. 1978 It is still available online here , on the website.
2. "LaRouche Webcast: Felix Rohatyn and The Nazis", June 9, 2006.
3. Isaac Newton attacked as a "Satanic Christian Zionist" from MORNING BRIEFING, Sunday, June 24, 2007.
4. Israeli Psychosis - Rockefeller's Solution to the Jewish Question by Nancy Bradeen Spannaus, in "What Happened to Integration?" - The Campaigner - August 1975


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