HaveFun: Celebrity Death Match Helga versus Lyndon

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche election advertising by satirist Kalkofes: "Back to the Future. Back to the Reich-Mark. Select me as the Empress!" ( in German)



Homer Simpson: "Oh no! Aliens, bioduplication, nude conspiracies. Oh my God, Lyndon LaRouche was right!"

Can't see? Then try : Kalkofes | Simpsons


From :

Posted on Friday, August 24, 2007 - 6:55 pm:
Good news, it s official, you have beaten your Lindy in the hit parade of lunacy. Congratulations! Quite an achievement!
The Youtube polls indicate that your German satire has hit 4,401 views against only 4,167 views for Homer Simpson about your dear husband.
Now you ve got serious arguments to defend your case in the battle for succession…

THEN, from the same poster:

Posted on Wednesday, September 05, 2007 - 5:18 pm:
Do you remember the match of lunacies on Youtube between lyn and helga? (my post 24 aug.) Well larouches' revenge didnt last long: 12 days later both of these videos are withdrawn by youtube for copyright reasons...
Yet, if you do a "homer simpson" search on youtube, you still find some 2,000 other videos or a "Kalkofes Mattscheibe" search (= the author of the other video, in german) you have ... 555 other videos still online!
Strange these two were singled out. Am I getting paranoid?
But, another and earlier post on Youtube of this same video has totaled a staggering 41,791 views! Helga, you're the best! at

Note: Helga's Bueso advert on Youtube has attracted only 2,899 views (as for Aug. 23, 2008 since Dec. 11, 2007)
BüSo - Vertrauen sie ihr besser nicht!!!! at

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