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Did He Really Say This??

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...the answer is YES!

"Hollywood is actually the U.S. capital of Satanism." (1)
"You'll find Obama's ancestry, if you chase his family tree, everybody's climbing and swinging from the branches there--from all over the world! All parts of the world! This guy is the universal man. Every monkey in every tree, from every part of the world, has participated in the sexual act of producing him." (2)
"Bullshit! This is not a democratic situation; this is a time where democracy is the worst factor you can get. You've got a democracy in the streets now, they want to kill these guys. That's the democracy I want to hear from," he (LaRouche, ed.) said. "I don't want to hear from these so-called Democrats; I want to hear from the killers! " (3)
"Can we imagine anything more viciously sadistic than the Black Ghetto mother?" (4)
"[The Leesburg Garden Club is a] nest of Soviet fellow travelers … clacking busybodies in a Soviet jellyfish front, sitting here in Leesburg oozing out their funny little propaganda and making nuisances of themselves." (5)
"If I am successfully destroyed, then the descent of a New Dark Age, this time on a global scale, is ensured." (6)
"Thank Obama. Blame Obama, the embalmer. He will bury more people than are killed or die. Obviously, the way Obama is going, with this mentality, he couldn't win in an election against John McCain. Consider him as on the way out if he is going to take this line. He will be out quicker than you can say Rezko, if he keeps talking like this." (7)
"At this time, he (Obama, ed.) should fear no adversary more deadly than himself. It is time to change the baby; either he changes his own diapers, so to speak, or the stench from the diapers will change his candidacy." (8)
"they’re beating up gays that are hanging around certain schools, pederasts; children go out with baseball bats and beat them up—which is perfectly moral; they have the civil right to do that!" (9)
"I hold it to be true, that Creation has endowed our bodies with certain functions, including the body's orifices, each to be used in one way, and not contrary ways; AIDS demonstrates afresh, in the cases of the homosexuals and drug-users, and the sexually promiscuous, that if society promotes the violation of the principles of our bodies' design, that society shall suffer in some way or another for this obscenity. [...] For these views, I am called "an extremist," and also a "homophobe." By these views I stand, and you must judge me on this account as your conscience instructs you. " (10)
"we are to be assured of the successful seizure of world power within the decade" (11)


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