Have Fun ;-)

Humor is one of the best weapons to survive Oppressive regimes (and Cults).
Sure, LaRouche and his movement have NO sense of self-irony...

About the LYM:

Tinfoil beanie hatted protestors out-Larouche Larouche

Stop the Insanity! ... with crank signs saying:

The Economy is Melting. The Government Knows Yet does Nothing!!
STOP the Insanity (RaLouche 2007)
More Hubcaps, Less Cabbage! Vote Lynda RaLouche 2007.
It's time for an ESCALATOR to MARS
Mind control kept Gary Coleman out of office! (toaster = brain) Stop using toasters!
Global Air Conditioning NOW!
Children of SANTA IV...

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"How to Create Your Own Cult?"

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"No Joke"

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