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The "Duggan-Kelly-Blair" cabal

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"The “(Tony) Blair forces” created the Justice for Jeremiah campaign."
(i.e. blaming LaRouche for being responsible of Jeremiah's death) to cover up the fact that Blair "murdered David Kelly"!!!

FACT: the VERY lawyer defending the Duggan family, Ms. Swaine happens to be the SAME lawyer trying to re-open the case of Dr. Kelly’s death!

Sept. 19—The Sept. 4, 2010 appearance in court of attorney Frances Swaine—head of the human rights department at the London law firm Leigh Day & Co.—to demand a fresh inquest into the 2003 death of Dr. David Kelly may raise some eyebrows. (Dr. Kelly was the British Defence Ministry expert on biological warfare who famously charged the government of Tony Blair with “sexing up” the relevant intelligence in order to provide a pretext for invading Iraq in March 2003. When Kelly died on July 18, 2003, a few days after participating in a bruising Parliamentary hearing, the Blair government disrupted the normal inquest process and held the so-called Hutton Inquiry, which ruled Kelly a suicide. Since that time, opponents of Blair and the British government have charged that he was in fact murdered by forces associated with Blair. Among those who have made this charge is American cult leader Lyndon LaRouche.)

The appearance of Ms. Swaine, representing five of six doctors who are seeking the new inquest, is especially interesting because she is—and long has been--the attorney for Erica Duggan, whose 22-year-old son Jeremiah Duggan died in March 2003 in suspicious circumstances while attending a Lyndon LaRouche-linked “cadre school” in Wiesbaden, Germany, the European headquarters of the LaRouche movement. The LaRouche movement and the Wiesbaden police have insisted that Jeremiah committed suicide, but a May 2010 session of the High Court in London found enough evidence to order the inquest into Jeremiah’s death to be reopened. The new inquest was reopened June 22, 2010; in that process, the Coroner directed the Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard) to perform the investigation that the German police refused to carry out back in 2003.

It is precisely such a new inquest which is now sought for Dr. Kelly, with Ms. Swaine playing the same role in seeking this inquest as she did in seeking and securing a new inquest for Jeremiah Duggan.

Ms. Swaine’s role in seeking a new Kelly inquest may raise some eyebrows because for the past seven years, since Jeremiah Duggan’s death, Lyndon LaRouche personally and the LaRouche movement more generally have been insisting that the quest of Erica and Hugo Duggan for answers in the death of their son is merely a charade, orchestrated by Tony Blair and related shadowy circles in Britain, to divert attention from the case of Dr. Kelly.

LaRouche’s reasoning, such as it is, goes as follows: Jeremiah Duggan died in March 2003—in what he and the German police called a suicide. Dr. David Kelly died in July 2003 in what the British authorities called a suicide. Kelly had attacked Blair. Therefore, Kelly was murdered—and, to distract the world from that murder, Blair and his circles ginned up the Duggan case, involving numerous luminaries in Blair’s government, plus the United States’ then-Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne, in a plot of staggering scope and duration to demand answers in the death of Jeremiah Duggan—and thereby to make LaRouche look bad by implying that LaRouche followers might have had something to do with the death.

Among the documents that appear in LaRouche organization publications and make these claims:

  • Executive Intelligence Review magazine article by Nancy Spannaus dated Aug. 28, 2009 and titled “Tony Blair's Name Attached to Every Evil Obama Policy” (appeared in a September 2009 issue of EIR)
  • Executive Intelligence Review magazine article by Lyndon LaRouche dated Jan. 28, 2010 and titled “A Crucial Slant on the David Kelly Case” (appeared in Feb. 5, 2010 EIR)
  • Executive Intelligence Review magazine article (unsigned) appearing in a September 2007 issue and title “British Press and Officials Caught Lying in Duggan Affair”
  • Executive Intelligence Review magazine article by Lyndon LaRouche dated Nov. 8, 2006 and titled “Cheney Behind Press Campaign: Duggan Hoax Rewarmed Again” (appeared in Nov. 17, 2006 EIR)
  • Several articles appearing in the Children of Satan pamphlet issued by LaRouche PAC in August 2004
  • An Executive Intelligence Review feature piece titled “The Facts of the Duggan Case” which has appeared in EIR at least twice between 2007 and 2010. It is linked in the Table of Contents of the current issue (Sept. 17, 2010) of EIR magazine, and has been linked every week for many weeks, under the rubric “From Recent Issues.”

In June 2010, shortly before the new Duggan inquest was to open, LaRouche appeared in LaRouche PAC-TV’s Weekly Report and, in a discussion with interviewer Nancy Spannaus, again made numerous such charges. The full transcript of the discussion appears as an Appendix to this article. Interestingly, the LaRouchePAC website has been scrubbed, presumably on the advice of lawyers, so that what was originally a link to the Weekly Report video now links to a member of the LaRouche Youth Movement reporting on the Weekly Report.

Appendix A

Transcript of LaRouche on the Duggan Case—June 11, 2010

The transcription of LaRouche’s outburst against Jeremiah Duggan and his family, as heard on LaRouche PAC's "Weekly Report" for 6/11/10.

[Editor’s Note: As of this writing, Sept. 19, 2010, this link no longer goes to the Weekly Report for June 11, but rather to a report on the Weekly Report. The site has been scrubbed].

(The interlocutors are EIR editor-in-chief Nancy Spannaus—NBS—and Lyndon LaRouche—LHL)

NBS: You can pretty much see that being the case in the City of London as well, don’t you think?

LHL: Oh absolutely, oh yes, why do you think… let’s take the case--why do you think--let’s take the Jeremy case, hm? Every court in Germany has gone through this with a fine-tooth comb. It’s obvious this guy was a suicide, it’s obvious that his mother knew he was a suicide, because he told us that, he told us he had to take drugs to avoid suicide. He told us.

Now if he took prescription drugs to try to control a suicide tendency, you don’t think his mother knew about it? And don’t you know that he had trouble when his mother’s marriage was breaking up, when he was a little kid, and he had to go to a (sic) institute for the Melanie Klein kind of treatment , as a troubled child. And he was a troubled child. Who committed suicide. The evidence is absolutely clear that it’s cross-checked back and forth.

Now what happened? I attacked the, well, -- Tony Blair on BBC on two occasions. I was joined,--is or that not or but--not directly, but indirectly, by the followup , by a chief high-ranking intelligence official of the British services, who said this was a cocked-up job, this plan for the war in Iraq.

What happened is they killed him. It’s now clear by the evidence, medical evidence, that what they said he could have done with one hand, he—he had an injured hand—he couldn’t do it. So therefore it was a faked-up suicide—and that’s coming out now. But now what do they do? You take this case, who was not a suicide, but who was a faked suicide, right?—you have another case, the Jeremy case. Jeremy was a suicide-prone character, and he was short of his medicine, which he complained about. He had to get his medicine, in order to check this suicide impulse, which he—is a chronic impulse.

He was—you know, three different drivers, who he threw hims—whose car he threw himself against, testified to the police immediately, when the police investigated the case. They came forward; they were the cars that had hit Jeremy, the three successive times. They were shocked by it, and it was no doubt, ever/after, thorough investigation by not only the police, who were responsible, but by a whole series of courts. This guy committed suicide in Germany.

But, what happens? Not only does the mother of this guy, not only does he—does she—continue this, this, go on with this policy, but she knew he’s a suicide case and she’s conducting a campaign of lies.

Then what do you get? You get people in the United States, some are former associates, who have latched onto the Jeremy case, as sympathizers of the British Empire, demanding justice for him on the presumption that I organized his murder.

NBS: But it’s all basically being sponsored from higher-ups within the British establishment, right?

LHL: Oh, well, from the British monarchy itself.

NBS: Monarchy itself, yeah…

LHL: With Tony Blair in particular. But this is what the process is—it was Blair’s crowd who set up this Jeremy operation anyway. But it was, what they were doing, they did this because they hated me, and because they killed David Kelly.

NBS: Right.

LHL: Right? So what they did is, they used this thing against me to try to take attention away from the fact that they murdered David Kelly.

NBS: And they also did it because they wanted to destroy you as the organizer, as the only force that can destroy them. (LHL: Yeah) I mean, take, take, just two other quick, you know, examples: One, we know, from direct evidence, that they see the imposition of Glass-Steagall as an aggressive action against their system. And who’s organizing Glass-Steagall, right?

Number two, they see that the main organizer identifying the Obama personally and other enemies of the United States within are agents of the British Empire, as, I mean, you’re the one outstanding person who’s identified that for the American population, and now, you know, to their horror, this has become a very popular view. And, uh, so, they’re in big trouble, uh, and I think that, uh, what you indicate is obviously the case. They are even likely to do something really nasty, you know, in response to being in big trouble. We have the initiative and we have to ram it through, uh, regardless,….

And so forth.

For incoherent, hate-filled, delusional ravings, it's hard to beat that. For LaRouche to claim that Tony Blair created the Justice for Jeremiah campaign to cover up the fact that Blair "murdered David Kelly" is derangement, pure and simple--dissociation from reality, industrial strength.

I almost get the impression that Nancy's trying to pry Lyn off of this topic and drag him back to home ground with bull about the British Empire, Glass-Steagall (!), and Obama. John Hoefle doesn't look thrilled with this excursion either.

Other sources:

Frances Swaine is partner and head of the human rights department at Leigh Day & Co.

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