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LaRouche was a "Genius"

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Testimony by Charles Tate in the LaRouche trial
Q. Did Mr. LaRouche think of himself as some kind of mathematician?
A. Well, Mr. LaRouche thought of himself as a universal genius; and since mathematics is a subject about which universal geniuses think, he thought himself a mathematician.
Q. Did he have any training in mathematics besides high school algebra?
A. Well, he didn't even finish his first term in college, so my guess would have to be no.
Q. But it didn't stop him from speaking about this subject at some length?
A. Nothing stopped him from speaking about almost any subject.

LaRouche's secret genius:

"... all my work has been based on this; and it is the secret of, shall we say, my genius, that I have mastered this. "

From "A Christmas Message to All", By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., Morning Briefing, Dec. 25,1990.

LaRouche's "method" creates "geniuses":

« This method (LaRouche's, note)- in its actuality - is not only a method for developing geniuses, or, more modestly and realistically, for developing people's mental powers in directions converging upon genius. It is the indispensable point of reference for competently defining the lawful ordering of the universe.» (1)

LaRouche's genius proved when creating his "organization" (i.e. the Labor Committees):

« Only a genius or otherwise psychologically exceptionally gifted person is capable of seeming to rise above the demoralizing effects of an entirely backward intellectual environment (not because he is less social, but because he works from a longer-range view than most). We had similar experience in the founding of the European Labor Committees later on.» (2)

Yet, this "genius" can't even calculate his own... age!
From Morality and Former Associates:

November 3, 2009 (LPAC)-- Lyndon LaRouche has provided the following point, in response to an associate's request for relevant supplement, as follows:
"In my own life, since the time about the age of nearly 15 years, about sixty-five years ago, when I rightly rejected Euclidean geometry on correct moral premises at that time,..."

So, if our maths are right: 15 + 65 = 80. LaRouche, being born on Sept. 8 1922, was 87, not 80!

To summarize; LaRouche's "genius" is his ability to make someone to believe he is a genius...

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1. THE SECRETS KNOWN ONLY TO THE INNER ELITES, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., in The CAMPAIGNER, Vol. 11, n°3-4, May-June 1978.
2. LAROUCHE'S SDI POLICY CRACKED THE SOVIET EMPIRE;, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.; EIR;, June 29, 1990.

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