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LaRouche: an "Influential Political Thinker"?

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In April 1982 the LaRouches travelled to India, where they met with Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
LaRouche wrote about this meeting:

"She (Indira Gandhi, note) read Fusion, the magazine of the Fusion Energy Foundation (LaRouche's scientific magazine, note). As a statesman, she was personally committed to those topics in shaping the science and technology policy of her nation. We had the privilege of consulting with her and working with her relevant key people on such projects. As a mother, she directed the youth supplement section of that publication to those grandchildren. She combined this strong sense of family and statesmanship, in the form of a habit of gauging her decisions and policies of today to their consequences for the future of India." (1)

But was she such an anti-malthusian?
Anyway, after his "successful" meetings LaRouche decided to create in October that year his "anti-Malthusian" operation; the "Club of Life".
But was he himself such an anti-malthusian?

This is what really happened behind doors:

How LaRouche Bombed in Asia in 1984 by larouchetruth (a former larouchie) at

This is in response to the request from someone a week or two ago for instances in which His Hubeness (LaRouche, note) totally bombed in the real world in his meetings with notables. Everything that follows I heard from first-hand participants in his disastrous trip to India, where he met with Gandhi, followed by his flame-out in Japan.
In India, he first addressed a gathering of top analysts from the Indian Foreign Office. He told them that he deliberately took a flight that did not overfly the Soviet Union because he didn't want to take the risk that the Soviets would shoot him down. You can imagine how that went over. When it was over, the person who had arranged the speaking engagement ordered that LaRouche never set foot there again. Then, the meeting with Indira. It was a five minute meeting. She was informed that a prominent Democratic politician was visiting. I have the following from Uwe H v P (Uwe Henke von Parpart), note) , who is probably the only other living person who witnessed the interview, from an adjacent room. Lyn told Indira that the world was on the verge of a world depression worse than 1929-33. She asked why he said this. He said that it was being orchestrated by the gnomes of Switzerland. She asked why they would want to bring on a world depression. He gave some mishagas that we can well imagine. Uwe was mortified. It was all over in 5 minutes, and according to Uwe, she probably forgot about it 30 seconds later. The entire interview was less than inconsequential, from any standpoint (except impressing the membership, of course).
A day or two later, Ganesh S., the only significant member of the Indian political community to ever be a member of the Indian LC, who had arranged the meeting with Indira, attended a session of the Indian members (all 2 or 3 of them) plus LHL, Peter E, Dan S, at least. Uma, the only Hindi speaker in the meeting other than Ganesh, reported how Ganesh toyed with LHL the way a kid toys with his food. He would speak in generalities with a double meaning in English, speaking delphically, such that LHL thought he was being praised when he was really being mocked. Then, he would switch to Hindi, and utterly ridicule His Hubeness, saying what an obvious total jerk he was. Needless to say, this was Ganesh's last day as a member of the LC.

Later on May 23, 1982 LaRouche met with Mexican President José López Portillo, and advised him to suspend foreign debt payments (which was done in August 1982), and to declare exchange controls and nationalize Mexico's banks (done in September 1982). (A Mexican official told the New York Times that LaRouche had arranged the meeting by representing himself as an official of the Democratic Party. However, Portillo continued to maintain a relationship with LaRouche and his movement, and Portillo went on to endorse LaRouche's candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1999.) (2)

Then in 1985, after her assassination, they published this book, which opened the Larouches some doors in India's political class despite their fraudulent encounter with Indira Gandhi.

More from larouchetruth from
How LaRouche Bombed in Asia in 1984 by larouchetruth (a former larouchie) at

From there, it was on to Japan, where the Asia sector members Peter E. and Dan S. had set up some really high level meetings with the cream of Japanese industry, including, if I remember correctly, the head of Nippon Steel and the head of the Japanese Industrial society, I forget its name. They hosted His Hubeness at the penthouse restaurant at the top of one Tokyo's tallest buildings. Lavish. They had some specialty dish involving raw hamburger meat. I've forgotten what I was told by Peter E. exactly what happened, but Lyn was a boor concerning the food. But worse, he simply talked non-stop--we can imagine what he said. He did not discuss. He did not listen. Needless to say, this was a disaster too. By the time Peter and Dan hit the street and hailed a cab, they were both ex-LC members, and they turned to each other with the same idea--we need to get on the phone immediately to all of the attendees to apologize as abjectly as possible.
Within a few days, almost the entire Asia sector, every member of it that was in on this disaster, quit en masse. Dan S. was replaced by Linda d H. Gee, I wonder why they all quit?
And absolutely none of this was known generally. The word was on how successfully the visit with Indira was. In fact, if I remember correctly, I recall that we claimed LHL had met with Indira a second time. If we made that claim (does anyone else remember), it was a total fabrication, obviously.
One more report, on a trip he made to Eastern Europe and Russia sometime, I forget when, I'm guessing 2000-2002 time frame. This is from an already ex member who heard it from some of his friends in the E. European sector at the time. My informant said that LHL blew through every one of the sector's best contacts, appalling every one of them, wrecking their previous several years of careful work making these contacts.
All of which raises the question, how are there any people in Russia who still give him the time of day, which there does appear to be. And he seems to have a following among parliamentarians in Italy. Really, really weird.
While I'm on this topic, his meeting with the prime minister of Turkey, I'm forgetting his name, was it Ecevit?, was another total disaster. When the PM found out who LHL really was, he was totally furious, having been mislead that he was a prominent U.S. politician.
Oh, one more example just came to mind. Soon after moving to the Ibycus Farm mansion, they held a meeting with I don't know how many scientists who'd come around the FEF. His Hubeness insisted on making the centerpiece of his presentation the centrality of the harmonic ratios that Kepler discerned in the planetary orbits, which is of course at the core of those portions of what Kepler believed that were best interred with his bones, have absolutely no scientific interest or content, and are rather a 1000% proof that HHness is a raving scientific moron. The assembled didn't fail to figure this out. Proof that this report is accurate is provided by something I read somewhere in the last year where LHL himself described this very meeting, and the freakout he caused by insisting on the Kepler harmonic orbits nonsense. What do you want to bet this finished off the ability to keep in contact with every scientist who attended, other than Prof. Moon, who, bless his soul, had to have become somewhat touched by the time he hitched himself to every LHL insanity.
OK, I hope that fills in some blanks and begins to respond to whoever it was who requested details on these meetings.

Comments on larouchetruth from eaglebeak (a former larouchie) at :

Just a few comments on larouchetruth's very useful report of LaRouche's catastrophic meetings with various high-level types around the world.
India: What I have heard is that it was actually Indira Gandhi, not someone in the Foreign Office, who said after the meeting with LaRouche, "Never bring that man here again."
Turkey: It was President Turgut Ozal with whom Lyn met, not Ecevit. And the reason for that meeting--which, unsurprisingly, was NOT a success--was that the organizers who set it up had conveyed, intentionally or not, that Lyn was the chairman of the DNC. Imagine Ozal's reaction when he found out that Lyn was not an important American political figure at all, but a Major League moron.
Everywhere: I myself have experienced the agony of taking Lyn to meetings with contacts and having to sit there, horrified, while Lyn self-destructed all over the room. In one case that I remember vividly decades later, Lyn strode in, pulled out a cigar and lit it (didn't offer one to the man he was meeting, didn't ask "May I smoke?") and proceeded to rant and rave in a triumph of non sequitur while using jabs of his burning cigar to pierce the air and make his "points."
Ah, but that's hubris, isn't it? Flicking your ashes on the other guy's desk....
Later this contact, like so many others before and after him, raised the basic question: You kids are great--why can't you lose the lunatic?


1. THE POWER OF REASON: 1988; by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.; EIR, 1987.
2. Lyndon LaRouche at

More sources:

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