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LaRouche believed he was (philosophically) a "Leibnizian/Platonist"

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This page (see below) comes from DIALECTICAL ECONOMICS, An Introduction to Marxist Political Economy; written by Lyn Marcus/LaRouche (D.C. HEATH AND COMPANY, Lexington, Massachusetts - Toronto - London, 1975)
As you can read, Leibniz hardly appeared referred to in this book and often mentioned along with Lagrange, Euler, Newton and Descartes, philosophers and scientists who are now LaRouche's banned authors...
LaRouche's real "discovery" of Leibniz occurred in 1977 when he started his move towards extreme right nationalist circles: Marx, Kant, Hegel or Feuerbach HAD to be replaced!
This "discovery" never occurred as/when he claims it did, i.e. "during the interval between my fourteenth and fifteenth years" (1) or if it ever did, it never had serious incidence on his thoughts (as he claims)...

In his first biography, he said:

"The most crucial phase of his own development (LaRouche, note) had been realized between his twelfth and sixteenth year. During that period, he set out to resolve which of all the known philosophers he had been perusing should be his choice. Ordering these in calendar sequence, he proceeded, rejecting Bacon, Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Berkeley, Rousseau, in favor of, first Descartes, and then preferring Leibniz to Descartes. Continuing from Leibniz (The Monadology and the Clarke-Leibniz correspondence chiefly) he continued to Immanuel Kant, and spent about two years with The Critique of Pure Reason." (2)

This contradicts again what he published in his DIALECTICAL ECONOMICS.
There is in there a "genealogical diagram" where Bacon, Locke, Descartes and Kant appear central to produce LaRouche/Marcus' "Modern Dialectical Outook" (see below).

In fact, LaRouche even attacked... the neo-Platonists!:

"The neo-Platonists locate the primary, continuous principle of reality as self-movement-self-moving continuous substance; however, they are unable to represent this substance in any form but linear extension." (DIALECTICAL ECONOMICS, Ibid., p 455)

LaRouche, as a "Leibnizian" (or Platonist), is yet another MYTH.

Since LaRouche has a special talent to re-write History (including his), we can provide - as a laroucheplanet exclusivity - a Letter of G.W. Leibniz... mentioning Lyndon LaRouche! Have fun ;-)


1. MY EARLY ENCOUNTER WITH LEIBNIZ: On Monadology by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.; EIR, January 22, 2008.
2. The Power of Reason (Autobiography) by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. - The New Benjamin Franklin House Publishing Company (1979)

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