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LaRouche's private life

A COMPELLING REASON for studying the personalities of political leaders in any country was set forth decades ago by the American political scientist, Harold Lasswell. In a pioneering study of 1930, he showed that the private and public lives of political leaders are often intimately related and that successful statesmen make assets out of psychological difficulties by displacing and rationalizing them as national policy. Put in another way, emotionally disturbed leaders may find it both personally therapeutic and politically profitable to "externalize" their internal conflicts.
From The Psychopathic God: Adolph Hitler - p348 by Robert G. L. Waite

08-28-2012, 07:30 PM
Forty Years of General Breakdown -- Communique No. 2

from the Avatar of Agape
excerpted from Lyn's letter to Carol, August 25, 1972:

The problem with you weakens my political effectiveness. Every time I think of you -- which is as infrequently as I can manage -- I am depressed. You must permit me to be free of seeing you. That you owe to the movement. Find your own niche and make your contribution as well as you can. Do me no more damage.
PS but write on political matters. That's necessary, however much I pay for it personally. Personally, you died in July. Now, you are an empty, stinking hulk with a residual political value, which latter must be treated with the respect your person does not merit...

08-10-2012, 05:52 PM
40 Years of General Breakdown

In the summer of 1972, Carol left Lyn. This event had a profound effect on Lyn and the history of the Labor Committees. Return with us now to the thrilling days of yesteryear.

excerpted from Lyn's letter to Carol, August 26, 1972

"I shall be explicit for this one time.
"It is impossible for me to have a close personal relationship again. In large part, this is practical not emotional. Older women in this society are too fixed in their bourgeois character development to be tolerable to me. Younger women is a silly proposition at the age of fifty onwards. It is just practically impossible. Anyway, your vile treachery, considering the unusually deep basis for our exceptional relationship, has without doubt destroyed my capacity for personal trust of individuals in any sort of personal basis. There is no basis in this society on which I can trust any one person.
"I have, otherwise, the richest possible personal life in the importance of my existence to the future human race. Yet, I have long been conditioned to also having a close personal relationship. Until those latter habits die of atrophy, any strong reminder of my useless capacity for personal relationships will continue to drive me into an incapacitating period of rage. I need time to adjust the balance of my daily life habits to my circumstances."

From FACTNET.ORG FORUM: LaRouche Continued 5c

10-08-2008, 02:13 PM

But here are some elementary questions about LL's life: a) where does he live? if he doesn't live at IBYKUS, then does he live in a house? an apartment? a townhouse? b) who does his cooking? and washing up? is this done by members? c) who cleans his house? d) who does his laundry? e) does he have a live-in maid? f) how many security people live with him in order to protect his 'brain'?

10-08-2008, 07:45 PM
Senior Member

Living in LaRoLand

Localgreek--Lyn lives on a farm--not really a farm, but once was--a large spread of land called Windy Hill in Round Hill, Va. A map could be made available, but would no doubt result in what's left of Security shooting all of us.

The house is a nice old house, not as elegant as Ibykus, and not as big, but of the gracious country home type.

His ""Security Staff" is run by Rick Magraw, of whom the less said the better. "Security" people and other enthusiasts do his cooking--there's a cook shift, to make sure the old boy gets his meals. Among his more adoring cooks is Barbara Boyd of Legal and other "investigative" pursuits (Babs is also the lady who nursemaids the LYM, paying their bills out of LPAC, of which she's the treasurer, and shepherding them to doctors, shrinks--think Ned Rosinsky, and the like--in other words, Babs is right up there in preserving the cult). She cooks for him on Sundays, I believe, and thereby maintains her status in the frog pond and drops a word in his ear.

There have been numerous other cooks over the years, some of them still active, but out of the kindness of my heart, I will not name them.

Lyn used to do his own laundry, or at least some of it, for reasons which I am embarrassed to mention.

This small inner core drives him around to doctors and whatnot, and to DC for his webcasts....

They buy his clothes, pay for his haircuts, buy his wine (some hilarious testimony on that score during Lyn's infamous deposition in the NBC case, some of which may be on laroucheplanet). This is the domain Rick Magraw oversees. I believe XLCR in the past has posted info about the bank account/corporation (based in Philly, as I recall) that Rick runs to pay for Lyn's lifestyle.

The guy hasn't done a thing for himself in decades, hasn't been out of doors without a "security" guard since 1974, hasn't lived without "security" in "his" house since 1974, and hasn't earned a paycheck since the late 1950s/early 1960s--if ever.

His entire life is vicarious and parasitical in the extreme. His sole pleasure comes in yelling at people, ranting and raving, either in print or to the small circle of zealots who sit at his feet.

Well, as Lyn would say, "It's a great life, such as it is."


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