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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Lyndon LaRouche...

Or Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lyndon LaRouche (But Were Afraid to Ask...)

  • 1. I read so many contradictory analysis on LaRouche. Doesn't that prove he is, as he says, a controversial political figure?
    • I wouldn't call him a "controversial political figure" because: 1/ he is NOT a political figure and I hope this website will help to understand this, 2/ if there is "controversy" that's because LaRouche has a several decades-long dark history of lies, smear campaigns, theft that his critiques have exposed and which contradict what he is saying. So the "controversy" is not about "political ideas" per se but about his methods, which are criminal.
  • 2. I heard LaRouche has a reputation of an anti-Semite, yet many of his members are Jewish, so what is the truth?
    • LaRouche is an anti-Semite; he is a Holocaust denier, he is against Judaism, Zionism and has spent decades campaigning against what he calls the "Zionist/Nazi Jewish Lobby" in the US and against Israel. True, some of the members of his organization are/were Jewish and would say "Look I am Jewish so... LaRouche isn't an anti-Semite, is he?" No, it doesn't prove he is not an anti-Semite. It shows that he is not as hostile to the Jews as, say, Hitler was. He tolerates them, he considers them useful. Remember: it is a CULT that needs members. If some "Jews for LaRouche" agree to be involved in anti-semitic campaigns, "So the better!" would say LaRouche... Read more here.
  • 3. It seems to me that LaRouche is the only one who 's saying certain things...
    • Most, if not all of what LaRouche is saying are "ideas" he, or his colleagues, have picked from others. What is "unique" in LaRouche, is the combination and integration of all these, sometimes contradictory, "ideas" into one big system which constitutes LaRouche's "ideology" and shapes his "planet"...
  • 4. I have a friend who is now working for LaRouche. He has completely changed and is not in contact with his friends, he has split with his girlfriend and doesn't seem to be in touch with his own family anymore! What can we do?
    • Your friend has become a Cult victim, without knowing it yet. We will soon give on this site more information on how to deal with this problem. With a Cult victim, you are up against three major walls: 1/ a "higher", "purer", and "nobler" Cause, his new goal in life, 2/ a new adoptive family (aka the "Organization", the LYM) and 3/ a surrogate father: Lyndon LaRouche. You do not know his real motivations for joining LaRouche, it could be any of these three reasons or a combination of them. But in the meantime, here are some basic advices: 1/ keep in touch with him, 2/ do not appear directly hostile to LaRouche (in order to secure point #1), 3/ criticize LaRouche constructively and with undismissable proofs (bear in mind the Larouchies spend all their time defending LaRouche against skeptical, sometimes hostile audiences- so they are well trained), 4/ keep afresh good memories from his pre-LaRouche life (holidays, girlfriend, hobbies, music, sports etc) 5/ talk about his future 6/ do not give him money, 7/ be patient, sooner or later he will come back.
  • 5. Many say LaRouche is "extreme-right", "nazi" or even KKK! How is that possible?, a man running as a Democrat candidate and has strong ties with Civil Rights activists like Amelia Boyton Robinson or Rev. James Bevel?
    • LaRouche had ties with the KKK and neonazis, this is now well documented. Bear in mind this is not a political organization, it is a cult of personality, a political cult. Therefore members of the cult or associated with it, do not behave "logically" as we would expect them to do if they were "normal". Why would celebrities like Tom Cruise be member of a cult like Scientology? Our logic does not apply to cults'. They have their own. This is why this web site could be useful: to give you some insights about "LaRouche's inner logic".
  • 6. Some say it is a cult. But what I can see is that LaRouche has been a political figure all his life. How could you explain that?
    • There is no contradiction for a cult to be "politically active". Cults may be more known for being "religious", but it doesn't have to be this way. We can consider a group as a "cult" when it uses genuine beliefs and hopes ("religion" or whatever else) as a mean to control people's mind. They are totalitarian by nature and when they deal with politics as does LaRouche, it is correct to call LaRouche a "totalitarian personality", a "Fascist" (LaRouche version). Technically, it is correct to call him a "psychopath"?. More here
  • 7. The Larouchies say that "Millions of Americans have been the victims of what amounts to a brainwashing campaign against LaRouche"... Aren't you just another part of this "brainwashing campaign" ?
    • This site is not an "anti-LaRouche" propaganda website. LaRouche doesn't deserve such attention. It provides readers with first-hand material and testimonies. In other words: you can make up your mind by yourself. Unlike in the LaRouche organization, you are here free to think. We only provide you with tools, that is: verifiable information.
  • 8. I am not a LaRouchie but I don't understand why you call this movement a cult. LaRouche is opposed to cults and sects. His movement of Youth are being educated to the highest standards with classes on Bach, Kepler and Riemann. They are opposed to the "rock-drug-sex counterculture" which created the phenomenon of sects in our society. This is contradictory.
    • There are no contradictions here. LaRouche's stance against cults and sects is typical. This is the same "trick" when he uses Jewish members of his organization to wage antisemitic campaigns. It serves two purposes: 1/ to protect himself from being suspected as a cult leader 2/ to recuperate some who were caught previously in another sect. The Church of Scientology is using the same tactic. As for the LaRouchies' "education programs"; they are a pure waste of time and won't help any to qualify at university they were asked to leave or for a job in real life. As a consequence, they will become entirely dependent on the "LaRouche organization" in every aspects of their life and for their own future. If this is not what a cult is all about, I do not know what is.
  • 9. The LaRouchies claim LaRouche is an "influential political thinker" who meets many heads of State. Is this true ?
    • Most of the time his alleged contacts are fanciful (and unnamed). He did however meet with some heads of State and politicians but it always turned against him and his organization. However, LaRouche will write a "story" of what really happened behind closed doors. He is using this to feed his own vanity and maintain this illusion for his adepts.
  • 10. Reading what the anti-LaRouche campaigners write, I think you are all but "conspiracy theorists".
    • LaRouche considers himself, quite openly, as a "conspirator". So to consider his operation as a "conspiracy" (whether effective or not) is a fair description of this phenomenon which the larouchies would be proud of. Now, LaRouche is also a "conspiracy theorist" and this is where we part each other. This website is about "facts", not "fiction".
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