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"We Can Do It!"

Will LaRouche marry a woman who is sixty years younger than he is?

Note: this video clip is taken from Ridley Scott's "Legend" movie (1985): "Darkness Seduces Lili" (short for "Alicia"?).
LaRouche (90 yo) wants to marry her (29 yo).

From Riana is Limari :

At the beginning of the summer, Lyn (Larouche, note) went to Europe, where he began exhibiting signs of severe delusional paranoia. Because of the confusion and significance of the events of that period, the following is a detailed, relatively blow-by-blow account as we saw and experienced it.

On June 16th, 2011, Riana, followed by Todd on June 17th, went to Purcellville for the purpose of discussing the Fundly fundraising system with Bruce and Barbara. Todd came one day later because he was deemed so important to the local's political (i.e. fundraising) activity. They attended the Saturday NEC meeting held at the Purcellville office, which Lyn presided over on Skype. When people entered for the NEC, Lyn smiled when he saw Alicia, showing her a memo, entitled "WHAT SELF-INTEREST?" by way of the video camera. He told her that he thought she would be happy with it. The opening of this memo is quoted below:

'some would say: "I admit that I am, so far, like most of the same generation of intellectually active minds among the maturing, younger adults today, Deep somewhere within me, I confess to myself that I am probably, really, something's 'windup toy.' I am a contemporary, young-adult existentialist. I am bright, and can be clever when the strange impulses which inhabit me, and which control me, may permit me to be clever; but those impulses do that in ways which I do not understand. Then, too often, these impulses which are like those of a wind-me-up-toy (which somebody, or something else controls) might permit me to play, or, may act to shut down my will to act. I try to do the things which suggest to me that I have free will, but, in my darkest moments, I know that that belief in my own free will is only another consoling delusion, when these unknown voices permit me to enjoy such a moment or two of pleasure. There are, in short, strange voiceless voices speaking to me, from where I do not know, voices which will cause me to punish myself, if I do not obey them when they silently speak. Will someone please tell me 'why'..." (from briefing 19062011)

From *And Now, Peter Must be Destroyed :

When Lyn spoke of "brainwashing," he meant literally brainwashed, by either drugs or electromagnetic weaponry. He began insisting to Alicia and Sky that "the enemy" was out to learn their deepest darkest secrets and use them against the two of them. Lyn then asserted that in order to preempt this, they would each have to tell Lyn their deepest darkest secrets first, so that he could help defend them. Finally, during a call in Alicia's office, Lyn insisted that they report these secrets to him. As they both, uncomfortably, began to speak, Lyn interrupted and insisted that they tell him separately. He said that Alicia should go first, so Sky went home and drank about half a bottle of rum, waiting uncomfortably for the call. Lyn finally called some hours later, and stated that he had gotten Alicia's darkest secrets from her. Sky had no idea where to start, but Lyn luckily cut him off, declaring "no more of this psychoanalysis stuff." They instead waxed philosophical about time or Vernadsky or something. Lyn would later tell Sky much of what he had gotten out of Alicia, and would use that information to his advantage in fairly awful ways in the events which follow.

From "The Week that Was" :

The long and short of it was that he (Larouche, note) intended to marry Alicia, and was justifying this action to the two of them through a wild explanation of how he had stopped having sex after his heart surgery, how Helga had suspected him of being unfaithful while she was overseas in Germany, that they had split up, and since then had only had a "friendship."

From I'm So Happy :

Lyn continued to look both angry and despondent, asserting: "No. I will be dead. I will be dead, I will be dead, unless"(turning to Alicia) she says, "yes"."

At this point Sky was confused. Lyn asked Alicia directly if she would 'say yes." Alicia looked uncomfortable and told him that he should come to the doctor's. It became clear that Lyn was discussing marriage. Lyn then began to go through a description of his marriage with Helga, and that it had not been a real marriage for a long time, that it was only a "political partnership." At this point, Lyn's earlier peculiar comments in NECs about not having sex with Helga began to make sense. Lyn told an elaborate story that they had not been in a relationship ever since she had accused him of being unfaithful to her with another unnamed woman. 18 Lyn told Sky and Alicia that Helga had embarrassed him at that time period by trying to get him to have sex with her, and that for his health and political concentration, he decided he would no longer have sex after his heart attack. He also said that Ned Rosinsky cornered him during a check-up, and said that Viagra type drugs would not affect his heart, that he could indeed have sex with Helga.

Sky found a pretext to leave the room with Alicia, and asked her what the hell was going on. She said something along the lines of, "You see what I've been dealing with, this is what I've been talking about."
"Well, this is a simple thing to deal with: just say no."
"Do you really think so?"
"Yes, it's going to destroy the whole movement!"
"Yes, really."
"Well, I thought that, but then I thought of these great leaders in history who got to have a few more years and do amazing things because they took a new, younger mistress."

She finally concluded she would say no, and they returned inside. The marriage proposal, however, was ultimately left unresolved...


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