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Who Do Others Think He Was?

He was voted as one of the 6 Most Insane People to Ever Run for President at

LaRouche: at

  1. Extremely creepy perpetual presidential candidate. His paranoia convinces him that all members of politics are either former Nazis, current Nazis, or aspiring Nazis. His plans for his presidency involves building a land bridge across the Bering Strait, creating a system of waterways for transport, and reestablishing predetermined currency conversions.
  2. LaRouche also served five years in a Minnesotan federal prison for mail and tax fraud, as well as conspiracy.
"Look at that paranoid person... (s)he must a LaRouche supporter."

LaRouche Bag: at

Douche bag follower of the Lyndon LaRouche cult
"Is there any way I could wed my blind political conviction with historical inaccuracy and teenage angst?"
"You could become a LaRouche Bag."

"Larouche is a douche"

..........When did douche become an insult? ..........................eventually, the epithets douche and douchebag came to apply to men. Lexicographer and Slate contributor Ben Zimmer points to a 1987 taping of The Morton Downey Jr. Show, during which an audience member taunted Lyndon Larouche with the phrase “Larouche is a douche.” From

Televangelist Jim Bakker, a LaRouche "cellmate" at F.M.C. Rochester in 1990 (see right picture) wrote:

“To say that Lyndon was slightly paranoid, would be like saying the Titanic had a bit of a leak...”(1)


1. "I Was Wrong" (1996) autobiography by Jim Bakker.

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