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LAST (known) PREDICTIONS FROM THE "ORACLE OF WINDY HILL FARM" (otherwise known as Lyndon Larouche): +On December 2015; the Oracle was quoted saying that "The mega-financial blowout which is now scheduled immediately after New Years Day promises an almost-instant shutdown of the economies of the US, Western Europe, and most of Central and South America. It will be immeasurably worse than that of 2008 or 1929." Source: Evil Rulers are Bringing Us to Annihilation— January 1 will be the Trigger. On July 23, 2012; the Oracle said Obama Must Be Impeached To Stop Threat of Thermonuclear Extinction Before September (2012)!:
"It is time to throw Obama out. Obama is committed to a Libya-style operation in Syria. He must be immediately impeached in the interest of world security. The threat of thermonuclear war, provoked by Obama's actions against Syria, and, potentially Iran, cannot be ignored. Forget the little jerks who say that the threat of nuclear war is not serious. (...) It must happen before September, if we are going to assure that we avoid thermonuclear extinction." LaRouche: Obama Must Be Impeached To Stop Threat of Thermonuclear War PRESS RELEASE, July 23, 2012 (EIRNS) On March 15, 2014, he confirmed: "It is not a military situation in Crimea. That is a part of the whole scenario. The scenario is World War III, a thermonuclear World War III, today, tomorrow, next week and beyond. " (Press Tv) ++]
The Oracle has successfully predicted the financial Crash of October 12, 2009, the "New Dark Age" which started in mid-January 2010. He also predicted that Obama's genocidal policies killed about 5 billion people, predicted the end of our world past last summer, that Obama went out of office before October 2010, that the world economic system went into a general collapse before November and that general madness, mass-insanity was striking in October that same year 2010. He also predicted a global, chain-reaction collapse of the present international, trans-Atlantic system for about July 10, 2011...
The Oracle considers he is the "World's best forecaster". Some say he has predicted all the financial crashes since 1961 and the Fall of the Berlin Wall or World War 3 (several times). Some believe he is a Genius and is ALWAYS right.
"Under Obama and his present policy, there will never be a recovery, or even a survival of the United States. That’s a fact. That’s not a guess; that’s not a crystal ball picture; that’s not a statistical forecast. That is already a fact." From LAROUCHE WEBCAST: "The Great Change of 2009" (Nov. 11, 2009)
January 9, 2012; the Oracle has predicted a mass killer "food shortage"... by spring of this year!:
" spring of this year, in the United States, by spring of this year, we will have a food shortage, which will be a genuine mass killer!" -- LaRouche on The Stockwell Show
June 20, 2011; the Oracle has predicted a global, chain-reaction collapse of the present international, trans-Atlantic system for about July 10, 2011 (unless the 1933 Glass-Steagall law is restored):
"We are at the brink of a global, chain-reaction collapse of the present international, trans-Atlantic system. A probable date for this, unless the Glass-Steagall law of 1933 is restored by emergency legislation, is a date presently scheduled in the U.S.A. for about July 10, 2011. [...] Even adjustments of the deadline were shifted by some fraudulent pretext in the name of Constitutional law which might affect the exact date of the chain-reaction collapse, the attempted shift of the date of the deadline would only slightly delay what were otherwise inevitable." -- LaRouche: The General Forecast or LaRouche Issues New General Forecast
October 28, 2010; the Oracle has predicted general madness and mass-insanity will emerge around the planet by this week:
"As the coming week now approaches, the outbursts of individual or localized incidents of lunacy, as that of U.S. President Obama, do, in fact, reflect latent factors of approaching mass-insanity, but they are not significant for their aspect as isolated developments; they are already the mass effects of onrushing general madness. They must be recognized as, and treated as mass-insanity; do not make the potentially fatal mistake of interpreting what are actually mass effects, for a mere incidence of local insanity. Think of a pandemic like that sweeping through widening regions of Haiti now. A pattern of analogous social forms of a spreading storm of mass-insanity, is now emerging around the planet. The pattern already resembles the pattern of mass behavior during the onset of the mass-death phenomena of Europe's Fourteenth Century, as in Hieronymous Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights."" -- Sodom and Gomorrah Knocking at the door! The Necessary Orientation!
October 1, 2010: the Oracle has predicted that the world economic system is about to go into a general collapse before November:
"The overall situation is that the world system, starting with the United States, the world economic system is about to go into a general collapse. This is not something gradual. It's something that can happen in a short period of a matter of days or even hours! The triggers can be triggered, and you will have a breakdown, which will be irreversible, on this planet, for generations to come. We are at that point: We are at a point of an implosion of the entire international monetary-financial system. And it's now! And it will not wait, until after the November election!" -- LAROUCHE WEBCAST:`The New Economy')
August 18, 2010: the Oracle has predicted that Obama will be out within 30 or 60 days:
"Therefore, we now have a very short-term interval available to us, I would say, in the coming months, the two months, three months from now. And then, the game would be over. So, what we have now, is, we have about a 30-day period, in which the President, at least as planned now, is going to be out of the game. He is going to be on Martha's Vineyard, and who knows where else? Raising grapes, or rapes, or whatever he does. And so, the sign is out: The game is over, hyperinflation is here. People are running scared on the money markets, knowing that the hyperinflation is here. And Obama is probably being trajectoried out. Now, how that's going to work is not certain. I have various stories as to how this might work out; different people have different views on the matter. But the fact is, if we don't get rid of Obama from the Presidency, now, within the 30 days, or 60 days at most, before us, that is, well before the November elections, if we don't get Obama out, we have lost the United States, and the world goes into a hyperinflationary explosion." -- The Game Is Over: He's Out; The `Indian Sign' Is on Obama)
June 26, 2010: the Oracle has predicted the end of our world by the end of this summer:
"This is the greatest crisis of humanity, on a global scale, in 7,000 years of history. And its happening right now, its happening this summer. We're on the verge of a total breakdown of everything. [...] But in the trans-Atlantic community, the trans-Atlantic economies, they are all about to go—dead!—in the collapse of the greatest bubble, in terms of per-capita relative ratios, in all human history, all known human history. And it's happening this summer! It's in the process, now! If the present laws and behavior, in the trans-Atlantic community of nations, continues, by the end of summer, you will not have economies in the trans-Atlantic community." -- June 26th, 2010 International webcast)
January 30, 2010: the Oracle has predicted the genocidal policies of (non-American) Obama which will kill at least 4.7 billion people (and will end his Administration)
"A mass strike is what has been happening in the United States, visibly, since August of this past year. The American people sense they're being betrayed. The tipoff is, they don't express this in the form of rage against Obama, because they have contempt for Obama, whom they don't think is one of our people. They don't think of him as an American. [...] We are headed, right now, into a dark age; without some very radical changes in policy, the planet will go into several generations of a dark age, in which the plans are, on the British side, and similar sides, to reduce the world's population from approximately 6.7 billion people today, to an early arrival at less than 2." (LAROUCHE WEBCAST: The End of the Obama Administration)
December 22, 2009: the Oracle has predicted a "New Dark Age" starting mid-January 2010
"Well, the process has gone on, since last August. It's undergone various transformations. Now, we're reaching the point that we're headed toward a breakdown. There's a breakdown crisis in process in Europe, there's a breakdown crisis in the Americas, there's a breakdown crisis inside the United States. We can not, at this point, assume, that unless we do what I will emphasize we must do, by the middle of January — no later — unless we do that, the United States will go down, and the world will go down, into a prolonged Dark Age." (The Coming Three Weeks Are Predetermined By Dynamics: Implement the Measures I Propose, or We Lose Humanity)
July 25, 2009: the Oracle has predicted the financial Crash of October 12, 2009
"My estimate is that a complete breakdown of the global financial and economic system is highly likely around the 10th to 15th of October — say Oct. 12, after the end of the U.S. government's fiscal year," LaRouche warned. "We're looking at a threatened potential, total, chain reaction breakdown of the U.S. and the world." (Take Back The Bailout, Reorganize the System!)
Next prediction is expected to be unveiled to the World... soon.
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(*) The Oracle resides at :
Windy Hill Farm
18520 Round Top Lane (Google Map view)
Round Hill, Loudoun County, VA 22141 (Wikipedia)
Source: Virginia Political Candidates for 2008

Previously, the Oracle used to live at his "Ibykus Farm".

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