January 9, 2007 (10:13pm) EST

This is the author's corrected text, to be referenced as for the record, as distinct from the draft rushed for timely publication in today's briefing.


By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

January 9, 2007

At the beginning of 1989, the administrative control over the organization associated with EIR was assumed by a transnational body of individual persons whose public and internal activities became dominated, increasingly, by Mr. Fernando Quijano in the U.S.A. and Herr Uwe Friesecke from Germany. This arrangement continued until, approximately, the beginning of 2000, thus defining a lapse of time during which I exerted no controlling influence over the internal management of affairs of relevant organizations on both sides of the Atlantic.

A crucial change occurred in September 1990, when said Quijano unveiled himself publicly as having been covertly an agent of both certain U.S.A. and international associations which fall, frankly, into the category of both fascist and anti-Semitic. Herr Friesecke remained a collaborator of said Quijano until no later than 2000, in Friesecke's role as a central figure in the control of the financial and related policies of the association on both sides of the Atlantic.

The less said about the financial effects of their relationship, on organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, the less un-friendly the conversations remain.

During this period, Quijano, Friesecke, et al., used their combined, adopted authority, as virtual "kingpins," over the policies and finances on both sides of the Atlantic, to conduct a rapid change in the policies of the association on both sides of the Atlantic, a change from an association with a base in organizing the active political life within the base of the electorate, to the role of a think-tank whose work was subsidized chiefly by telephone sales-teams.

This top-down change, and its implications for the other policy-shaping processes of the association, were largely under the direct, or implied control of governmental and related potencies hostile to the intentions of the victimized organizations on both sides of the Atlantic.

During that interval, 1989-2000, the other members of the associations on both sides of the Atlantic continued, chiefly, to pursue the policy-shaping parameters which had been defined during the 1970s and 1980s. The political corruption seeping down from the top, from the circles of Quijano and Friesecke, nonetheless had its demoralizing effects on the body of other leaders and members of the associations.

As a consequence of this radical change of orientation in both the activities and thinking of the relevant organizations, reckless actions were conducted, under the authority of each and both of the persons who represented the extended influence of the Quijano- Friesecke partnership: morally and otherwise corrosive changes, changes which gradually transformed relevant associations in the Americas and western and central Europe over the 1989-2000 interval. This produced certain political and moral changes, most notably, among the U.S.A. and Germany elements of the partnership. The virtually inevitable consequence of these combined changes from the pre-1989 outlook, to the condition of a relatively fixed administrative structure sitting upon a rapidly shrinking social-economic base, created the spectacle of what some Zionist leaders had earlier described as an "inverted pyramid."

My role, especially during 2000, in ridding the U.S. association of the pro-fascist, and also pro-anti-Semitic elements associated with Quijano, coincided with a widening cleavage between me and Herr Friesecke, and a corresponding divergence of the association in the Americas, from that under Friesecke's tightened control over the association within Germany. The correlated factor was Herr Friesecke's reckless incompetence in management of the economics-related policies of that part of the association under his increasingly desperate, "Uriah Heep"-like, tyrannical, and intrinsically incompetent control over the association in Germany.

It is not only to be noticed, but emphasized, that this trend within these indicated associations, corresponds implicitly, and not accidentally, to the effects of a shift of economy, from a productive, to a post-industrial economy, on both sides of the Atlantic.

The present management difficulties within the Germany association, are almost entirely the consequence of the effects of Herr Friesecke's efforts to conceal his long-standing, witting 1990-199 collaboration with avowed pro-fascist and anti-Semitic Quijano, and with his illiterate's inability, and his unwillingness, like that of the legendary "Uriah Heep," to distinguish between mere bookkeeping and the most fundamental elements of competent economics of management. It is the blunders committed under the kingpin role of Herr Friesecke and his accomplices, which have created the, still curable, but ominous type of "inverted pyramid" crisis of management within the European association.

- - The USA In Contrast - -

In 2000, I resumed my leading role in repairing the management problems left in the wake of the Quijano- Friesecke arrangement. No so-called correction, but, rather, and accelerating worsening of the management practice, proceeded within Europe. As part of this, the legitimate political leadership of the organization in Germany, the European Labor Committees' central and regional excutive bodies, broke down, and became utterly non-functional at the top. Those who joined Frisecke's hysterical campaign of defamation against the principal political and cultural leader of the association, Helga Zepp- LaRouche, and who shared his determination to suffocate the party organization of Bueso, also joined with Friesecke in going toward the extreme in destroying the popular political base of what became more and more an inverted social-economic pyramid. The EIR publications in Germany, which continue to radiate the intellectual competence expressed from the U.S.A. branch of the association, continued to function as the chief financial asset of the association's supporting base within Europe; they, functioned, even under difficult conditions, but they could not support the burden of growing failure which kingpin Friesecke's obsessive and ruinous policies have produced as the spectacle of an "inverted socio-economic pyramid."

Without eliminating the kingpin policies and practices under Friesecke's virtual dictatorship, there would be no hope for the future existence of the association which he, Friesecke, with his most wittingly complicit confederates has mismanaged so cruelly.

Fortunately, remedies are available; unfortunately, among some, still, their devotion to their false pride outweighs their honesty.

On this and other accounts, I have recently, On November 9, 206, suspended Herr Friesecke from the active status of a member of the philosophical association known as the International Caucus of Labor Committees. This was specified to continue, pending a consideration of the factual basis for the identified charges against him. Since that time, he has, in effect, voluntarily confirmed his suspension, and has done as much to destroy the organization as it is within his reach, and those of relevant outside interests, to do.

For the association in Germany, a new reality presently exists.

- - The Present Prospect - -

This set of largely regrettable effects on the present leadership of the business-like aspects of the association, has created a situation in which, either the section of the leadership which has not resigned in support of Herr Friesecke, is permitted to make the reforms which would eliminate the policies which created Herr Friesecke's "inverted pyramid," or, otherwise, the insolvency of the relevant entities would be inevitable.

Either those policies, formerly imposed by Herr Friescke, which created the potentially fatal economic effect of an "inverted pyramid" within the Germany business-like associations, are reversed, as outlined in a proposal made at discussions among relevant representatives of those association, or the worst for all were early probabilities.

Recently reelected Bueso leader, and founder of the international network of Schiller Institutes, Helga Zepp- LaRouche, has presented a plan of reorganization which would be likely to reverse those mismanagement practices of Herr Friesecke et al., which created the present difficulties. This proposal by Frau Zepp-LaRouche, addresses the crucial problem which any not-incompetent proposal must address as axiomatic: without the shifting to a mass-base, as the adult of young-adult activities in Germany and also the U.S.A. indicate, there would be no possible solution, by the leaders of these associated entities, for the presently menacing situation which has been created by Herr Friesecke's crafting of the spectacle of an "inverted pyramid."

Otherwise, there were no available alternative to be seen as within the reach of the relevant participants in the negotiation.

In all of this, no competent analysis of the facts of the situation would permit indulging oneself in the delusion that the problems referenced have been generated internally.

Quijano himself bragged repeatedly that his pro- fascist policies, including his echoing CIA agent Nestor Sanchez in backing "death squad"operations, reflected his joining ranks with anti-Semitic networks operating, together with Augusto Pincohet, and the network behind the Southern Cone death-squad apparatus of the early 1970s, in the Americas.

"Macho" Quijano was essentially a "scared bunny" who went over the enemies of civilized mankind out of trembling fear. Developments in Italy during the early 1990s, and in France, as much by a rash of "defectives," including the always wild-eyed personal coward, and now avowedly fascist Larent Murawiec, and others, in Germany, lead presently, to a nest built up in the Rheingau "schicky-micky" domain of Herr Friesecke's personal special interests. The latter typifies a present plot, in which Friesecke is operating, against the associations of which he was formerly a leader.

These latter operations are to be viewed as congruent with what were, otherwise, the inexplicably stupid role of operations of U.S. Vice-President Cheney's circles around the Blair government, such as Baroness Symons, which have permitted themselves to be exposed as conducting against Helga-Zepp LaRouche et al. in the Rheingau and beyond.

Those operations of the British Fabian Society's circles of Prime Minister Blair, Baroness Symons, and Mathew Arnold follower Mrs. Liz Cheney, et al., have coincided with the portent of Herr Friesecke's Vertriebene- driven right-wing political inclinations. These operations from London and far-right Washington, D.C., have been a repeatedly demonstrated factor in the role Herr Friesecke has played, in defining his susceptibility for playing the role of pawn. This is the role of a pawn which he has exhibited in the more recent schemes and hoaxes exhibited within the circles radiating from around the Wiesbaden offices of P&F and Dinges&Frick, and in complicity in a relevant take-over of the Dicherpflaenzen cultural association which has been initially founded by the sponsorshop of Frau Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

NOTE: There should be no misintepretation of the attributable significance of Herr Friesecke's repeated expression of right-wing Vertriebene impulses. The point is, the few among the former residents within the DDR were actually prodigals, but were, rather, simply ordinary folk reacting to the way the relevant world powers of the post-war time has cast them, like jetsam, upon the places such as those where they had been born and raised, There, they were abandoned to make the best of the situation in which, like most in the world of today, have found themselves.

There is no morally tolerable excuse for enmity by any of the honest Vertriebene who behaved as Herr Friesecke has done. There is no reason for the "Ossies" to be despised categorically by anyone dwelling in the western part; most in the western part of the divided nation did no better, and passion against the "Ossies," categorically, exhibited a quality of defect which is otherwise called "racism," or, is euphemistically termed "chauvinism."

At the worst, those who had committed no great crimes, were to be received with rejoicing as "prodigals," who had committed, in fact, no offense as serious morally as what Herr Friesecke himself, or Friesecke's relevant accomplice, Frau Renate di Paoli, has done on occasion. In my view, the hostility which Herr Friesecke and Frau di Paoli exhibited on this matter is inconsistent with the acceptable moral standpoint of an associate of the International Caucus of Labor Committees, a person whose moral faculty is not to be trusted.


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