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really is of no concern to me.
MR. WEBSTER: Well, I think that is the correct approach, Your Honor, and I would only --
THE COURT: Well, all right.
MR. WEBSTER: I would only ask that it not be made a part of this proceeding for the reasons that I have articulated.
THE COURT: All right.
MR. ANDERSON: Good morning. Your Honor.
Your Honor, I received as I indicated on my last appearance before the Court, I have been on trial all week in Boston on the case of United States versus Edward Robinson and was relieved from the trial for purposes of attending today's sentencing. The trial is ongoing.
Your Honor, I received the faxed copy of the pre-sentence report the day before yesterday at 5:00 in the afternoon when it was received by the Probation Department in Boston.
I have been on trial since then. I have been in transit since then. I have not had an adequate opportunity to review it. In addition, it was missing two pages as frequently happens with faxed copies. You get some, you don't get it all. I now have a complete report. I have caused to have prepared for me by one of my associates about 15 pages of objections and I haven't had a chance to review that

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