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THE COURT: No. I am going to ask individual counsel as the sentencing for his client is handled if you want me to make, you controvert any matters in the presentence report, and you want me to make Rule 32 findings in addition to the matters that Mr. Webster has brought to my attention.
I really think the only matter he has formally by letter brought to my attention is this $32 million figure. He has mentioned some others. I take it he will mention those again when we get to Mr. Spannaus for sentencing.
MR. WILLIAMS: Yes, sir.
MR. ROBINSON: Your Honor, with respect to the $32 million and the propriety of including it in the probation reports. First of all, I don't think there is any dispute as to the correctness of that figure as a figure showing the total amount of loans obtained by the organization in which the defendants were involved during the course of the conspiracy. The figure was derived from exhibits introduced into evidence by the defense at trial.
THE COURT: That is right. But the appellation fraudulently is pretty damning. And since it is in excess of a million dollars will affect the guidelines that the parole board uses when it gets ready to consider parole of any sentence of incarceration. So it is important to these defendants.

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