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MR. ROBINSON: Of course. I understand that, Your Honor.
I think that what we showed in this case was that there was in fact a broad and consistent pattern of fraud throughout the fundraising operations. That is, specifically through the loan obtaining operations of the organization. We showed, among other th-ings, that it was the consistent policy of the organization not to repay loans except upon certain unique circumstances. Now, it is true that we did not attempt to introduce into evidence the precise telephone solicitations underlying each one of the loans that make up the $32 million, but I don't think we need to do that in a conspiracy, Your Honor.
I think what we have shown is the involvement of each of these defendants in a fraudulent scheme. This is the money that was raised during the course of that fraudulent scheme.
We introduced exhibits at trial, for example, a printout, a computer printout of all of these loans, the amounts that were raised, the amounts in those few instances where there were repayments, the amounts of repayments. And we also introduced a number of other documents, Your Honor, that I think showed the fraud went far beyond the several hundred thousand dollars that we specifically proved with victim testimony. For example, we introduced the

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