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memoranda authored by the witness Wayne Hintz seeking to get repayment on behalf of dozens and dozens of lenders who were complaining and trying to get their money out of the organization and weren't getting it. Of course, the organization kept right on borrowing after that time.
We introduced memoranda of various defendants in this case including those'of Mr. Greenberg showing attempts to for example obtain from the organization money with which to make $2.2 million in repayments. That money was not repaid, and the borrowing continued after that point in time.
Your Honor, I think it's clear that this was a fraud that went well beyond the several hundred thousand dollars that we proved from the testimony of specific witnesses.
THE COURT: It may have, but the only ones that the jury has specifically found to be fraudulent are these $294,000, and while we may assume that there were more than that out there, I think the defendant is entitled to the benefit of the doubt on that, and I think the $32 million figure characterized as representing the number of fraudulently obtained loans ought to be stricken. I think the figure that has been fraudulently proved is $294,000.
MR. ROBINSON: Well, I would suggest as a possible middle position, Your Honor, that at least two of the witnesses testified in some detail at trial, namely Elizabeth

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