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give this advice, that since they did not plead guilty, regardless of what sentences imposed today they have the right to appeal. If they are unable to pay the cost of an appeal, an attorney will be appointed for them for that purpose. If they desire to take an appeal, notice of that fact must be given the Clerk within ten days.
With those taken'care of, Mr. Anderson, I will hear any statement you want to make on the defendant's behalf or any other information you want to bring to the attention of the Court. You have submitted a series of letters which I have considered, and I will hear any other statement you want to make on the defendant's behalf, sir.
MR. ANDERSON; Your Honor, Mr. LaRouche is before the Bar and before the Bench, the Court for sentencing. I would like to say a few brief words on this sad occasion.
Your Honor, it's clear from the proofs such as they were and the testimony in this trial that during at least the last 20 years, if not far longer, of Mr. LaRouche's life, he has dedicated the entirety of his energy and his intellect to the good works and the interest of his fellow American citizens and the citizens of the world, and that every action taken by him during those years has been motivated not by any desire or sense for personal gain, material or otherwise, but out of a commitment to those goals and interests which he saw as implicit to the survival of the species essentially.

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