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In addition, Your Honor, from the letters you have received and from the testimony you have heard, I think the Court could well have and should have a recognition that those actions and functions of Mr. LaRouche in the context of the politics of this country and the politics of the world are critical and should not be diminished and should continue because of their very significance and of the significance of failure to continue them.
In that regard, I know that the Government is going to ask Your Honor to impose a prison sentence on Mr. LaRouche. The extent of their elocution is not specific. I don't know what recommendation you have received from probation, nor will I. I urge Your Honor to reject incarceration and ask Your Honor to deal with this matter in whatever other way Your Honor would feel to be appropriate but in the event that you determine that you are going to sentence Mr. LaRouche to a term of imprisonment, I ask Your Honor to sentence him to no more than one year. And even a year for Mr. LaRouche, who is 66 years old, Your Honor, could well be a life sentence. The one year obviously being for considerations concerning parole and other tangible factors.
I ask Your Honor further to request or suggest that Mr. LaRouche be sentenced to a level one institution and that you allow self-surrender on that, for two reasons: one, at such time and place as an opening becomes available in an

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