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any statement he wants to make on his behalf.
THE DEFENDANT: Yes. Good morning, Your Honor.
The Court I am sure is not surprised that I know myself to be innocent of any wrongdoing in this matter. And the Court I think would also not be surprised to know that I view the jury's verdict as equivalent to a presentment repealing or proposing to repeal the law of gravity in respect to the facts.
However, I wish to deal briefly with a matter which bears directly on the business before us here today. During the middle of the preceding trial, I received a communication from a senior, well-known member of, high level to the British intelligence establishment. This gentleman is known as the di Coursi (Kenneth de Courcy, note. More here ), he is otherwise known as the Duke de Gramanille (phonetic). He is a figure whose history in British intelligence prior to and during the last war is a matter of record in the Hoover institution. He is well known to be a powerfully connected and influential person in Britain by members of the D. S. intelligence establishment.
I have known the gentleman for some years. I had indirect contact with him through intermediaries before and after our meeting of several hours some years ago.
He communicated to me that he had been in contact with people who claimed to be responsible in the Anglo-American liberal establishment for the bringing of the

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