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prosecution and this trial. He also represented to me that he believed that the persons with whom he had been discussing were interested in presenting to me political conditions to which if I would submit, they didn't specific the conditions, but if I would submit to them, they would use their influence to shape the outcome of this proceeding trial and sentence. I responded to this by stating both to them and to Mr. di Coursi that I was perfectly willing to discuss any political matter on its merits, but I was not going to engage in bargaining for influence over the outcome of the trial in the United States.
At the same time I asked friends of mine in Europe and the Dnited States, and other parts of the world to look into the area in which Mr. di Coursi was referring to give me an assessment of what this business was all about, independent of Mr. di Coursi's own representations. It was found that Mr. de Coursi was in fact representing the views of the , majority of the British intelligence establishment, and of course their corresponding people in the United States who are closely tied to them, that faction, and that this was a fair representation on his part.
Mr. di Coursi subsequently informed me through intermediaries that my refusal to accept the offer, a very high levels of the British establishment, had meant that I was consigned in effect to hell and that every part of the

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