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organization with, which I am associated in every part of the world be taken apart piece by piece by those as a result of ray refusing to accept their kind offer.
In addition to this matter, in related connection, in no part of the world do I know of any influential governmental or other circle which looks upon the recent trial as anything but a political ease. This condition has been brought about in part by the bragging by persons of influence from the U. S. and from Britain who have claimed credit for the bringing of the prosecution and for the outcome of this trial.
Already, this has done great damage to the United States, particularly because I find much of the bragging credible, though I might share with the Court some doubts as to whether the bragging is as extensive in fact in terms of the claims being made.
Now, as an innocent man, condemned to possible modicum, at least that's the intent of some of these gentlemen in Britain and New York, with the image of Christ in Gethsemane before my eyes, I have no fear, personal fear among these evil fellows.
The problem here is that already vital interests of the United States have been put into jeopardy by the prosecution, not merely in this trial but the task force which was formed in 1983 and then reformed in 1986 to bring forth a

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