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group of trials by shotgun methods to attempt to eliminate me from the political scene. This has already done great damage to the United States. The time has come that this evil and reckless prosecution be brought to a halt before much greater damages is done to our United States. Thank you, Your Honor.
MR. ANDERSON: Your Honor, I do have letters from Mr. LaRouche's physician outlining his eye condition which I will submit to the Court for the Court's consideration.
THE COURT: All right.
The United States want to be heard?
MR. ROBINSON: Yes, Your Honor.
Your Honor, this is not, contrary to Mr. LaRouche's assertions, this is not a political case. On the contrary, I think what the evidence clearly showed at the trial was that this was a case of theft. It was a case in which Mr. LaRouche certainly principally as the head of an organization and the rest of the defendants as his colleagues and subordinates, set about to do nothing short of stealing money.
We may dispute the precise figures about how much of that money was fraudulently obtained, but there is no question that the loans which they obtained in the pursuit of that scheme totalled over $30 million.
I don't intend to reargue the defendant's guilt even though he asserts his continuing innocence, because I have a jury verdict on my side. The question of his guilt I think is

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