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behind us.
We do, however, in this case ask for a sentence of incarceration, indeed a sentence of substantial incarceration I would like to touch on a few points briefly which I think argue in favor of such a sentence.
First, while this was a case of theft, I submit it was not any ordinary theft. On the contrary, what we saw in the evidence at this trial was that it was a conspiracy which preyed first on elderly people. Second, I think we saw that there was nothing short of a ruthless pursuit of the life savings of those elderly people by the defendants in this case. I think for example, the case of Elizabeth Sexton that we have heard so much about, was one instance in which a person was repeatedly contacted. Money was repeatedly borrowed from her until finally her life savings were drained away.
In addition, I think it was a crime of theft which was cynical really. I think Mr. LaRouche probably more than anyone else is responsible for the cynical tone of it. It was Mr. LaRouche after all who said that the persons outside the organization were not morally fit to survive unless they contributed their money or loaned their money to the organization.
It was he who I think set the tone that governed all the loan solicitations that took place during the course of

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