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seized some of their funds. At other times, it was shifted to ths Government for seeking to put them into bankruptcy.
I think what we have clearly seen is these defendants will never accept responsibility for what they have done, and nothing could be more clear from Mr. LaRouche's statement this morning than that he will continue to shift the blame to. others even now apparently to the British intelligence network for bringing this prosecution.
I hope I need say nothing more about that allegation than that as the assistant who worked on the Grand Jury investigation for two years and who drafted the indictment, this is the first I have heard of any involvement of the British intelligence community in this prosecution.
I think that what we can see from what Mr. LaRouche has said this morning, and his comments that he has made publicly about the jury's deliberations in this case, is quite simply this; that if he had this all to do over again, if these defendants had it all to do over again, they would do the same thing. We haven't seen any indication that they regret their action or feel remorse for them. They might have learned their lesson a little bit. There might be some mutation on their fundraising scheme which might make it a little bit more difficult to prosecute, but I think it is clear that they would do it again. And in fact, if this Court's sentence isn't

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