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That is the Government's position. I will be happy to respond to it at greater length, if the Court desires.
THE COURT: Will the defendant come forward.
I am unwilling to accept in Mr. LaRouche's case or any of these others, that the end, lofty as it may be, justifies the means that were resorted to in this case. It's a serious case. It warrants incarceration for a substantial period of time. On each count, it will be the sentence of the Court that the defendant be committed to the custody of the Attorney General or his authorized representative for imprisonment for a term of five years. Counts I through IV will run concurrently with each other. Counts V through IX will run concurrently with each other. And Counts X through XIII will run concurrently with each other. However, those sentences will run consecutively, that is for a total of 15 years.
I am unwilling to recommend a level one place of incarceration. The medical facilities within the Bureau of Prisons are more than adequate to take care of the defendant's medical problem. Nor am I willing to authorize self-surrender or a B-2 sentence. Moreover, I do not think that on the substantive question of guilt there is any real substantial question of law. The defendant is remanded to the custody of the United States Marshal. I am unwilling to grant bail

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