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for him later on. So that's why I am going through this.
THE COURT: All right.
MR. GETTINGS: The third and last again minor point, I guess, and this is more for Your Honor's benefit, I suppose, than, the report. I don't think I am asking for any change to the report. It's in paragraph 18, where it is reported that Mr. Wertz said to the solicitors, "You are only concerned with raising money." Again, this is more argument to Your Honor, because I think that's misleading in the context in which it appears. I don't doubt that he said that. But that was more to sort out or compartmentalize the functions of the various people; and secondly, it was said always with the view that in order to pay these loans back, you have to raise money to begin with.
And therefore, it is misleading if it intends to convey the thought that he didn't care about it, because he did, and I don't think there is any evidence in the case or any evidence that Your Honor should consider that he didn't care about paying it back.
Now, then a final point relates to two separate statements, again on page 5, one in paragraph 17, where there is the probation officer's discussion of, quote, "Forgive or extend," and the specific language in the report is following an introductory clause, "And that in any event repayments would only be made if the lender could be of further financial

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