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money, whatever the amount is, is certain a substantial amount That's what calls for it, but I don't think any other single thing in this case calls for that, not the individual, not the notions of rehabilitation, not the notion that he is somehow an evil person, an immoral person or any of those other factors, apart from the nature of the crime that go into sentencing, they are just not present in this case.
Now, I can't get around the nature of the offense, and so therefore all I can ask you to do in considering the nature of the offense, also take into account all of these other factors that I have mentioned to you and simply impose the minimum sentence that Your Honor can live with and can feel that justice has been done as a result of all of these proceedings in this Court. That's all I can ask you to do.
I have not mentioned and will not belabor the matter of Mrs. Wertz and her health. I can only say that they have been through a lot over a long period of years and she needs him. She needs him at home. She doesn't need him warehoused away somewhere else, and if Your Honor could also keep that in mind, I would appreciate that. I would ask for all the specifics that Mr. Anderson asked for, but I won't tick them off. I would just ask them. Your Honor knows what they are.
And beyond that, I will leave it to Mr. Wertz. He has a few words that he would like to say to the Court.
THE COURT: Yes, sir. Mr. Wertz, any statement you

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