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want to make in your own behalf?
THE DEFENDANT: If it please Your Honor, I would indeed like to: make a few comments. I am thankful that as a child I was brought up to value the American system and to take responsibility as a citizen both for my own beloved nation and the world by participating in the political process. I am proud of the contribution that I have attempted to make to the public good in the exercise of those rights and responsibilities in association with Lyndon LaRouche.
During the course of this trial, the defense has maintained and I maintain now that I have acted in good faith and truthfully at all times. That individuals who lent funds to us in support of political goals in which they too believed have not been repaid and that such individuals have suffered as a result, I deeply regret. If it were within my power to this day, I would do my utmost to repay those individuals who gave us their support.
I have devoted my entire adult life to attempting to help to bring about a better world through the political process and through classical culture. I do not believe, as the prosecution may have suggested, in its closing remarks, that the ends justify the means. I have never entertained such a notion.
There is one law which subsumes all others, the commandment to love God and to love one's neighbor. I have

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