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but charging him on August 19th of something occurring between those two dates giving rise to the basis for the charge and that that something related to a change in form of the promissory note from a promissory note to a letter of indebted ness.
If Your Honor please, that seems to be the substance of the basis for the Court, for the Government bringing these charges; and I don't think it appears that he was part of a policy making function. I think that that statement ought to be removed for that reason. I will leave the remaining points to paper.
THE COURT: You will file that within the week, you say?
MR. WEBSTER: Yes, Your Honor.
THE COURT: Then I will hear any further statement you want to make on the defendant's behalf or any other information you want to bring to the attention of the Court.
MR. WEBSTER: Thank you, Your Honor. In essence, I would like to make three points to the Court: the first is the point of dedication that Mr. Gettings made, over which I don't think that there is any dispute, that this is unlike some other cases that we have all read about, not a case of greed. Mr. Spannaus, as Your Honor heard, worked for a very low salary and very long hours and has been dedicated over a protracted period of time to the cause of and political ideals

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