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a question of what is the appropriate measure of discipline, of sentencing that the Court wishes to impose in light of the fact that the Government picked and chose who it was that they wished to bring before the Court in this trial, and that the Government could have brought others, whether in management or in fundraising who had not been brought before the Court.
It's that unfairness and inequality if you will, that selectivity that I think perhaps raises the most difficult ingredient.
With regard to Ed Spannaus, Your Honor, I recall the day when I was standing here and made my first motion after evidence was taken, to dismiss the charges; and Your Honor was troubled and said it was a close case. I would urge that it is not close enough to sustain a conviction of Ed, based on is very limited participation. As you know, he was the legal adviser, although he is not a lawyer. As you know, he has worked as a scholar, in studying the law and some of its institutions. We submitted to the probation officer some of those articles about Justice Marshall, Justice Storey and the parliamentary system in England and the constitutional system in the United States.
He functioned in his job as all of the others reflected primarily as a legal coordinator handling legal problems. There was no evidence that he contacted any of the

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