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early 1970's. This effort intensified in 1983 and 1984, after President Reagan adopted large elements of Lyndon LaRouche's proposal for the Strategic Defense Initiative and when LaRouche announced his 1984 presidential campaign.
The current indictment stems from the opening of the Boston case in October 1984. The Government claims that the Boston investigation was opened because of citizen claims about credit card fraud. But we had been warned by intelligence sources already one year earlier in the fall of 1983 that a Federal Grand Jury investigation would be launched for two purposes: first, to go after the funding and financing of our political work, and secondly, to force a break in relations between the Reagan Administration and LaRouche.
How could it be known before any of the circumstances which gave rise to the Boston case had transpired that there would be a Boston case? Because the subject of these cases is not the offense chaged. The subject of the case is the individuals who were targeted. The ultimate target of these cases has always been Lyndon LaRouche and whomever the Government could drag along with him. This is a method of political prosecutions. It is a method which is a perversion of our criminal justice system. It's a targeting of individuals, not a targeting of crime.
To the Government the particular offense charged is

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